Clinton Victim Kathleen Willey Opens Anti-Hillary Website

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kathleen-willeyKathleen Willey, the woman who was cornered and sexually harassed by Bill Clinton on the day her husband died and was later victimized by Hillary Clinton, has started an anti-Hillary site to educate voters about the Clintons.

Her site says that Hillary is  “the most corrupt politician this nation has ever seen.”  She is also trying to get unknown victims of Bill Clinton to contact her.  She has talked to some in the past and she claims their stories are sordid beyond belief.  Curiously, the reason most gave for not coming out was not the fear of Bill Clinton but of Hillary Clinton.

But when you think about it, it’s not strange at all considering her role in the bimbo eruptions. (bimbo meaning any woman who rejects Bill’s advances…………and they’re probably gay too)

Hillary lead the charge and sicced the proper government agencies on Bill’s accusers in an effort to make them shut up or deny Bill ever harassed them.  All were audited by the IRS and a couple were audited multiple times. I suspect she may have been feeding Clinton-friendly news organizations to take their whacks at the women also.

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[Editor’s note:  The site is called “A Scandal a Day,” a fitting name considering we’re talking about the Clintons, and can be seen here.]

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