Clinton Supporter Who Tried to Burn Flag Attacks Trump Supporter Who tried to Stop Him

A Clinton supporter attacked a Trump supporter at a Pittsburgh rally on Saturday, after the Trump supporter tried to take a flag away from him when he tried to light it on fire. Police arrested Joshua Sturman, 23, immediately following the incident.

The Trump supporters were standing shoulder to shoulder when Sturman approached them an attempt to light the flag on fire. The man who tried to take it away from him told police he was afraid it had been doused in accelerant.

The victim, 67 year old Richard Dillon, was tackled to the ground by the suspect.  Police who were patrolling nearby took Sturman into custody.

The suspect was wearing a red bandana and had red paint on his hands and t-shirt. He is charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct, causing or risking catastrophe and recklessly endangering another person.

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CBS reported,

According to a criminal complaint, police were told Joshua Sturman was in the area to support Hillary Clinton, who spoke a rally at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center later that afternoon. A group of Trump supporters had gathered on the opposing sidewalk in what police say was a peaceful assembly.

Sturman crossed the street and walked into the middle of the group of Trump supporters. The criminal complaint says the members of the group were standing close to one another, shoulder-to-shoulder. The complaint says Sturman then pulled out a flag and began to light it on fire.

The Trump supporters attempted to put out the fire, which “enraged” Sturman. Sturman then threw a Trump supporter to the ground and attempted to jump on top of him. Bystanders alerted nearby officers, and police removed Sturman and placed him under detention.

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