Clinton: ‘What kind of country do you want?’ — Voters respond by electing Trump

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Clinton angry voters AmericaIt was a centerpiece of Democratic Hillary Clinton’s closing argument in the last days of the 2016 election.

On Monday, she told voters at a rally in Manchester, N.H., “This is about more than winning an election; it’s about the kind of country we want for our kids and grandkids.”

Well, Mrs. Clinton, last night the American people answered. They identified not just the kind of country they want but the kind they don’t want.

Americans don’t want a country where victims of imaginary grievance are not just embraced but given a bully pulpit to spew their divisive rhetoric.

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They don’t want a nation where anyone is persecuted on the basis of skin color or sex. Yes, I realize that you believe this is a virtue that you espouse. But you are mistaken. Your vision for America — like that of the outgoing president — is one where protected classes are provided with “safe spaces”: where citizens who happen to be white or heterosexual or male or (God forbid) all three are branded enemies of the state.

But the voters have a different vision for America, and they expressed themselves in Tuesday’s election…

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