Clinton implies Trump a Nazi: He’s of ‘German heritage’ — Video

Clinton implies Trump a Nazi because of German heritageIn an apparent effort to stir up hatred and strife among her base, Hillary Clinton implied in an interview with a local ABC News affiliate that Donald Trump is a Nazi because of his apparent German heritage.  While she didn’t say it outright, the connection was quite clear.

“We are dealing with somebody who is a demagogue, who would rip up our most valued beliefs,” she said in the video interview.

“Yes, [federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel is] of Mexican heritage. Donald Trump is apparently of German heritage. I mean, what does that mean? We’re all Americans,” she added when asked about statements Trump made about the judge.

It’s quite clear that Clinton is implying that Trump is a Nazi because of his “apparent” heritage.

The New York Post added:

The 37-second clip decrying Trump’s attacks on federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage was subtle — but fans and foes got the message: Clinton thinks Trump, like the Nazis, hates people based on their race.

“His heritage is German. Heil Trump!” tweeted Trump foe Michael Gilmor‏.

“We can all hear the ‘dog whistle’ — she’s calling ‘Drumpf’ a Nazi because he’s German,” posted James Sweitzer.

The clip, backed by ominous music and linked on Twitter, ostensibly concerns Trump’s continued attacks on Curiel, who is presiding over class-action lawsuits brought by Trump University students who claim they were ripped off.

It’s not the first time Clinton played the Hitler card, the Post added.

Last August, she falsely claimed that he and the GOP want to “go and literally pull [illegal immigrants] out of their homes and their workplaces.”

“Round them up, put them, I don’t know, in buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border,” she said, referencing the trains used to transport victims to concentration camps.

Here’s video of the interview.  The statements can be heard at about the 5:00 mark.

Of course, none of this is new nor does it really surprise anyone.
A post at the Gateway Pundit notes: “In March, Hillary supporters were caught infiltrating Trump rallies with Nazi style armbands.”

Exit questions: Does Hillary now think everyone of German heritage is a Nazi?  And does she think that justifies violence against him and his supporters?


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