Clinton hack Paul Begala: Hey, let’s blow up Russian agencies in revenge for election

While speaking with CNN propagandist Anderson Cooper, Paul Begala, a former advisor to Bill Clinton and a contributor to CNN, suggested the United States should engage in military action against Russia in revenge for the 2016 election.

“We were and are under attack by a hostile foreign power,” he said, “and… we should be debating how many sanctions we should place on Russia or whether we should blow up the KGB, GSU, or GRU [Russia’s foreign intelligence agency].”

“If I was Trump, I would be mad because it has tainted his victory,” he added.

Translation: Hey, let’s nuke Russia because Hillary didn’t campaign in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Michigan.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Here’s video of his comments:

Keep in mind it wasn’t that long ago that Begala loved it when Obama mocked Romney for his comments on Russia:

So what happened in the meantime?  Oh yeah, Hillary LOST!  To Trump!  Therefore: Russia!

A post at the Daily Wire noted:

The Democratic party has gone from the pro-Soviet Union party to the hardcore anti-Russia party overnight. The left side of the aisle is knee-deep in conspiracy theories regarding President Trump’s alleged connections with the hostile foreign government.

It was only a year ago when Democrats were pushing for a softer, more conciliatory tone with Russia under the Obama administration. Before that, in the 1980s, Democrats were actually reaching out to the Russians for assistance with their political campaigns. But thanks to the donkey party’s hatred for Trump, Russia is now seen as public enemy number one. Things have gotten so bad that we now have Clinton advisors pushing for war with the Russians.

An article at the left-wing Huffington Post said Begala needs to take a few steps back:

For all the talk about dangerous rhetoric, that is the kind of saber rattling that can push us into a terrifying armed confrontation that could get a lot of people unnecessarily killed.

For starters, Russia has a nuclear arsenal. Yet we have continued to antagonize them unnecessarily for almost a year. Unless Russia does something truly worthy of a military response – like dropping a bomb or literally invading – I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m not exactly eager to start another needless war, especially against an opponent that actually has the capability to do long lasting damage.

Nearly as important, though, those who are attempting to rile up Russia are ignoring the fact that – like it or not – they are an important ally in the war on terror. We don’t have to love them and they don’t have to love us for us to realize that we have a common enemy that it is in our mutual interest to work towards destroying. For whatever his faults, Putin is a potentially valuable asset to our biggest foreign policy goal – wiping out extremist terror groups like ISIS – and it is in our best interest to try to get along with him, rather than provoke him for no reason.

“So we should bomb Russia because Team Hillary was too dumb to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?” asked a post at Liberty Eagle. “NO THANKS.”

Begala’s call for war with Russia didn’t sit too well on social media:


While it’s true the KGB doesn’t exist anymore, an article at the Guardian notes it’s been re-branded as the FSB, or the Federal Security Service.

Nevertheless, it says a lot that Begala wants to risk millions of American lives in a war with Russia to avenge Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

Who are the war-mongers now?


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