Clinton hack David Brock: ‘I’m done with phony outrage’ for families of Benghazi victims – Video

brock-maggotWhile appearing on CNN, Hillary Clinton hack David Brock uttered perhaps the most egregious statement yet in defense of his queen.  Brock, founder of the pro-Hillary Super PAC Correct the Record, engaged in a heated argument with CNN political commentator Ben Ferguson and actually said he was “done” with the “phony outrage” for the victims of those killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack.

The statement came after anchor John Berman brought up the “smoking gun” email we reported on yesterday — the one in which Clinton told her family that officers had been killed in a terror attack.

Brock continued to claim that Clinton told the public the truth, even though all the evidence indicates she did not.  Ferguson then weighed in.

“If you’re Hillary Clinton, you sat there and you had a blunt conversation with the president of Libya, you had a blunt conversation with the prime — with people in charge in Egypt, and you said in those emails to them, this was not an attack based on a protest, but you meet the family members and you looked them in the eyes and you tell them…that their sons died,” he began.

“I’m done with the phony outrage for the families,” Brock said.

Video of the heated exchange can be seen below:

“It’s not phony outrage when you have four caskets come off the plane with an American flag draped over them,” Ferguson said.  “If you call four dead Americans phony outrage, I’m sorry, that’s a new political low by you.”

Brock, noted, “chuckled and sarcastically remarked, ‘Right.’”

That alone should tell every single American all they need to know about Clinton, those who support her and the entire liberal Democratic Party machine, which sadly, includes much of the so-called mainstream media.

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