Clinton campaign confiscates U.S. flags, tosses them on floor

flags on floor at Clinton event
Screengrab: Twitter

It seems the Clinton campaign has a real problem with the U.S. flag.  After failing (refusing?) to display them in Philadelphia until after their absence was noticed, reports emerged Saturday that the campaign was literally confiscating flags and discarding them by throwing them on the floor, the American Mirror said Saturday, citing a tweet from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Jason Cato.

According to Cato, they were confiscated from those entering a ballroom for a campaign event:

Reaction was, well, predictable:

No, they really don’t.  Soviet and Palestinian flags, however…

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Sadly, it pretty much sums up the entire Democratic Party.

It’s not the first time flag have been discarded this way by the Clinton campaign, as we reported back in February.  Back then, the media refused to say anything about it.

Then there was the more recent incident where Hillary stood and watched a U.S. flag fall to the floor — and didn’t lift a finger to stop it.  Neither did anyone else, for that matter.

This does tell us a lot about the Clintons and the Democrats.  If they’ll do this to the nation’s flag, what would they do to the nation it represents?


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