Clinton camp: ‘Hell no’ we won’t apologize for lying about Donald Trump

trump-rightOn Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lied about Donald Trump, falsely claiming that ISIS uses video of the GOP front-runner to recruit terrorists.

On Monday, Trump responded, demanding she apologize for the lie.

“You’re talking about people dying. You’re talking about making up tapes and videos which don’t exist,” he said, telling NBC’s “Today Show” that “she lies about everything.”

So, will Clinton apologize?  Her campaign responded by saying, “Hell no.”

Talking Points Memo reported:

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign told The Wall Street Journal Monday that she wouldn’t apologize to GOP front runner Donald Trump for calling him the Islamic State’s best recruiter.

Clinton had said at the 2016 Democratic debate Saturday that Trump had become “ISIS’ best recruiter” and was featured in the organization’s recruitment videos. Politifact later ruled that there was “no evidence” to support Clinton’s statement, and Trump demanded Monday that she apologize.

But Trump won’t likely get his apology. When the WSJ asked Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon if she would say sorry, he said: “Hell no.”

“Hillary Clinton will not be apologizing to Donald Trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps ISIS recruit more terrorists,” Fallon said.

But that’s not all Clinton said.  She specifically claimed ISIS uses video of Trump to build up its ranks.  No video has been found to back up that claim.

Here’s Trump’s response:


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