The Civil War and other things Harry Reid can blame on the Koch brothers

reid-nutsIt’s become increasingly clear the “evil” Koch brothers are living rent-free in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s head.  He’s called them un-American, blamed them for global warming and now blames them for a stalled bill giving aid to Ukraine.

So we thought we would help ol’ Dingy Harry in his headlong rush to the rubber room with other things he can lay at the feet of the Koch brothers.

Like the American Civil War, or the fall of the Roman Empire.

How about nail fungus, or body aches?  Caught a cold or flu?  That’s right, blame it on the Koch brothers.

Headaches?  Migraines?  You got it — it’s the Koch brothers’ fault.

What about car problems?  Surely he can find a way to blame the Koch brothers for that flat tire you got the other day.

We’d like to add the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius or the extinction of the dinosaurs, but those events have already been laid at the feet of Mitt Romney.  No doubt, we’re sure Reid can find a way to blame the Koch brothers.

Got an idea to help Dingy continue his demonization of the Koch brothers?  Feel free to add it in the comments below.

After all, we just to help…