Citizens for Self Governance urge state legislators to call a convention of states

The Constitutional Convention of 1787The Convention of States, (COS) is a project started by Citizens for Self Governance, and their “purpose is to stop the runaway power of the federal government.”

We all know that Washington D.C. is broken, corrupt and has not taken any measures to fix themselves. They are spending without much, if any, thought concerning the future of our country.

The founder of COS is Michael Faris, who is the chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, and he’s also the chancellor of Patrick Henry College. He believes much can be accomplished through a convention of states, and it’s time to take action to reign in our corrupt government.

The goal of the COS is, “to urge and empower state legislators to call a convention of states. The delegates at such a convention would have the power to propose amendments to the Constitution that would curb the abuses of the federal government. Article V of the Constitution gives them this power; the COS Project will give them an avenue through which they can use it.”

Their plan to accomplish this is two-fold; the first is calling for a convention for a particular subject rather than a particular amendment. They want the federal government to have limited power and jurisdiction. The second is using “grassroots movement because they are the key to a successful convention.”

They want to have a minimum of 40 states involved with 100 volunteers in 75 percent of the state legislative districts. This can only be achieved through the support of Americans participating and backing the COS.

The COS website has examples of the kind of amendments that could be passed through a convention of states:

  • A balanced budget amendment
  • A redefinition of the General Welfare Clause (the original view was the federal government could not spend money on any topic within the jurisdiction of the states)
  • A redefinition of the Commerce Clause (the original view was that Congress was granted a narrow and exclusive power to regulate shipments across state lines–not all the economic activity of the nation)
  • A prohibition of using international treaties and law to govern the domestic law of the United States
  • A limitation on using Executive Orders and federal regulations to enact laws (since Congress is supposed to be the exclusive agency to enact laws)
  • Imposing term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court
  • Placing an upper limit on federal taxation
  • Requiring the sunset of all existing federal taxes and a super-majority vote to replace them with new, fairer taxes

Through a convention of states “we the people” can take back the power the federal government has stripped from us. We can see things changed but it’s going to take strong participation from Americans to accomplish this. Imagine what we could do, set things like term limits, a ban on the federal government sending tax dollars overseas, curb wasteful spending and perhaps ban agencies like the EPA.

World Net Daily (WND), reports, “State legislatures currently have no power to impeach federal officials from  their states. This is not a viable option. This would, however, be a proper  amendment to suggest at the Convention of States we are proposing. I like the  idea of giving the state governments the power to impeach congressman and  senators from their states,” Farris says.

It’s reported that thousands of citizens have already signed on to back the idea of a convention of states. Washington’s uncontrolled spending has created a $17 trillion debt with their numerous regulations. It’s time to stand up and take back the state’s rights and put the federal government in their place.

It’s time to start thinking like our founding fathers did it’s time to call on the federal govrenment to stop usurping our God-given and ordained rights that belong to all free men. Thomas Paine believe in these universal truths:

1. Government is a necessary evil.
2. Government should be limited and constantly checked by the governed.
3. Government should extract the least expense necessary to perform its limited function.
4. Government that extracts more than necessary is closer to being un-limited, un-checked, and now has the means to impose its true nature.

We the people must be the ones to reignite the torch of liberty so that we can pass it on to our children and they can live in the freedom our founding fathers meant them to have.

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