CISA – Domestic Censorship Bureau: The Govt Controls Your Speech

A Public-Private Censorship Partnership to Silence Your Voice

The “Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency”, or CISA, is a DHS Domestic Censorship Bureau that is cloaked as an innocuous cybersecurity entity. But it is so much more. It has become a cyber censorship agency. An extensive report from Mike Benz at the Foundation for Freedom Online reveals skulduggery on a huge scale. And it’s not necessarily legal.

The CISA was born in the background of the 2016 framework of foreign interference in the election process. But as things with the government usually go, its “mission creep” widened to attempting to stop election “misinformation.” Consequently,  Socialmedia was framedas a “cyber threat.”  So anyone posting soemthing contrary to the government narrative was a threat. And unfortunately, still is.

Through this framing mechanism, CISA’s “cybersecurity” authority morphed into a “cybercensorship” authority. However, this move was initially limited to CISA only targeting “foreign disinformation”, through DHS’s Countering Foreign Influence Task Force.

But when the 2016 election-era “Russian interference” Special Prosecutor’s probe ended in July 2019 with former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s failure to find “collusion” between then-President Trump and outside Russians, DHS and CISA began to change their tunes.

The entire “countering Russian disinformation on social media” apparatus that had been constructed before July 2019 to censor, throttle and identify “foreign disinformation” was quietly, but entirely, pivoted to focus inward on “domestic disinformation.”

This “Foreign-To-Domestic Disinformation Switcheroo” on censorship was never widely conveyed beyond DHS doors out to the American people. It was plotted on DHS’s own livestreams and internal documents. DHS insiders’ collective justification, without uttering a peep about the switch’s revolutionary implications, was that “domestic disinformation” was now a greater “cyber threat to elections” than falsehoods flowing from foreign interference.

Mike Benz at the Foundation for Freedom Online

Artificial Intelligence assistance:

Here is a highly disturbing fact that is not widely to the American public: The same DHS cyber agency in charge of securing elections is also in charge of censoring elections. CISA has kept a very low profile by appearing to the outside world as just a boring cybersecurity bureau. A place where even the professional hackers are tasked with humdrum IT maintenance jobs. In the summer of 2020, CISA pulled off a trick. By classifying “election misinformation” as threat to “election security,” its police powers extended from the tech side of elections to anyone simply *talking* about elections. But CISA had a problem. It’s called the First Amendment. The US government is not allowed to sandblast millions of voters off the civilian Internet because of their speech about elections. CISA needed private sector partners to do dirty work. And that’s where EIP stepped in: CISA “lacked the funding and the legal authorizations” to do grand-scale censorship and get away with it. So CISA partnered with EIP, who “filled the gap of the things that the government could not do themselves.” EIP bills itself euphemistically as a “disinfo research” collective, but it’s important to understand EIP does more than “research”: they manually flag posts, throttle narratives, and pressure platforms at every level. That is active censorship, not passive research. Twitter

Get it? This innocuous cybersecurity agency called CISA has become a behemoth that coordinates with social media and other groups against YOU. Posts were scrubbed and believe it or not, they’re still scrubbing them on Meta (AKA Facebook). My original group, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children was placed on a blacklist and if we said anything, we were censored. For us and thousands of other conservative sites, free speech did not exist thanks to collusion between the government and the big Tech companies that run social media.

Their director at the time, Chris Krebs, said that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.” He said that every Conservative lawyer should be disbarred. He said he hoped that all Conservatives would go bankrupt and be forced to pay billions in damages. He cancelled his DirecTV because at the time they had OANN on it (they no longer do). He was hot to push censorship on all conservative outlets, websites, anywhere they exist.

Then he quit CISA and started a private consulting firm with a former Facebook employee (Alex Stamos) that focused on “misinformation.” From there, the “mission creep” of the DHS “cybersecurity” has blossomed into targeting ordinary people for ordinary views. The Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) is a “collective” of groups that have ties to Big Tech and the narrative that Russia helped Trump get elected.  Built-in bias…and the problem of censorship outsourced to these groups that full well knew their activities were illegal according to the Constitution.

In summary: the DHS “Misinformation” Bureau that sounded like something out of 1984 wasn’t  totally dumped. The purpose of CISA and EIP is to target large social media accounts that can influence societal narratives. Which explains why a popular Facebook page with over 2 million followers was canned.

Those who believe that free speech is the greatest threat to the country are hard at work to undermine the Constitution and silence YOUR voice.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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