Chuck Schumer Presses for Enforcement of Gun Laws Not Passed By Congress

schumerSen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has asked the Secretary of the Army to ignore the Second Amendment and US law in contracting for purchases of $600 million worth of handguns.  This is a huge deal because Schumer is insisting that Secretary of the Army John McHugh require companies bidding for the contracts comply with laws that haven’t even been passed yet.  This creates two legal issues.  The first is that it prevents gun manufacturers who are obeying all US laws from bidding on the contracts.

The specific law in question is the “Good Neighbor Gun Dealer Act,” a law that has not and will not pass Congress.  This denies legal gun manufacturers from receiving equal protection under the law and by limiting competition, will increase the cost of the guns to the Army.  The law requires gun dealers to learn several new classification of buyers, with some groups outlawed from buying guns even if they pass a background check.

As far as manufacturers go, they must be actively working on “smart guns.”  Any company not currently working on them should be denied according to Schumer.  The gun manufacturers would have to answer endless government inquiries into how they distribute guns and what safety technologies they are working on and they must actively track each of those provisions.  (Yeah, how?)

The second problem his demands create is that they would require Federal Firearm License (FFL) holders to be more responsible for the guns they sell and to learn an endless list of classifications of buyers.  Some categories would be refused purchases of guns, even though their Second Amendment rights are intact and they have broken no laws.

Smart gun technology has been experimented with ever since Hillary Clinton was president the first time.  The technology has proven to be unworkable as well as unreliable.  Schumer is just practicing to be the next Harry Reid.


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