Who does Chuck Hagel think he’s kidding

“The law is the law. The way you challenge constitutionality is you go to court and you figure out whether or not the courts say it’s constitutional or not. And until the courts rule on that, it is the law.” – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in his opening statement to the committee investigating the Bergdahl exchange

Simply stated…Chuck Hagel is a LIAR. And his LIES started the minute he opened his mouth during Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing on Obama’s ‘five-for-one’ prisoner exchange. Saying that he and Obama would NEVER do anything to jeopardize the U.S. or those fighting overseas, you just know Hagel must have been gagging on those words even as he was spewing them out…choked on them as he tried to defend Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s decision to move forward with this exchange without Congressional approval.

Negotiating with terrorists…with the Taliban…an unprecedented move by an American president who ignores the fact that now the go-ahead has been given to other terrorist groups…including al-Qaeda…to up their use of kidnapping of our troops and civilian personnel to get what they want.

And Hagel had the audacity to say to lawmakers that the decision was kept secret from Congress because Obama felt that leaks could have negated the deal or increased risks to Bergdahl before the exchange took place. Calling the exchange a “military operation” that had been tenuous at best, Hagel went on to say that this was all part of the “dirty business” of war.

Conducting the ‘dirty business’ of war is one thing, but ‘aiding and abetting’ the enemy during a time of war is quite another…and doing so knowingly puts this exchange even higher up on the ladder whose top rung is treason.

And while Hagel finally admitted that the ultimate decision for this exchange rested on the shoulders of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…it became obvious that Hagel was NOT going to take the fall for Obama. And Hagel was also forced to admit that Obama could have done a better job of keeping Congress informed that the exchange was going down, but giving the excuse that it had to be done in secret because this was an “extraordinary situation” that combined both ‘time-sensitive’ concerns over Bergdahl’s health and safety, and that last-minute arrangements over where to pick up Bergdahl coupled with fears the Taliban may have been negotiating in bad faith…colored the entire deal.

More LIES as Bergdahl actually looked healthier…as in heavier…at the time of the exchange than he did when he walked away from his base camp.

And so Hagel kept trying to justify why five jihadis with American blood on their hands were traded for one American traitor. Carefully crafting his words to NOT only protect his boss but to try and rescue his boss from the ire of the American people…as well as to cover his own participation in this nasty deal…Hagel kept twisting facts to suit Obama’s end. NOT wavering from his insistence that this administration did NOT negotiate with terrorists because in the actual deal Washington only took part in “indirect negotiations” with the Taliban as they dealt directly with Qatari officials, and that it was the Qataris who were the ones talking to the Afghan Taliban…a group he claimed was NOT a U.S. designated terrorist organization…Hagel grew nervous as the questions from the committee members continued on.


And nervous he should be as the Taliban were indeed once on the U.S. terrorist list…put there by George W. Bush in 2002 and obviously removed from that list by Barack HUSSEIN Obama soon after assuming the presidency…Hagel had to know that his LIES would soon trip him up.

Continuing on, Hagel claimed…at least he tried to claim…that the five released were “enemy belligerents” who had NOT been implicated in any attacks against the U.S., but Hagel, former military himself, should know better than most that if you attack U.S. military personnel you have indeed attacked the U.S. itself. And it’s been proven that weapons given three years earlier by Obama and crew to rebel forces in Libya have found their way into the hands of the Taliban who then use them to attack American troops. And guess what country made the delivery of those weapons? None other than Qatar, the very same country that helped broker the now called ‘GITMO 5’ prisoner exchange with the Obama White House.

And Hagel had the audacity to say that Qatar promised to keep the former GITMO detainees inside the country for a year and that they committed to what he and Obama called “sufficient security measures,” hence it was decided that the risks were NOT too great.

Yeah right…like Qatar will keep an eye on them…bet they have NO idea where they are even as I write this…and Obama and Hagel knew this would be the case and released them anyway.

And Hagel adding into his bloviations that “if any of these detainees ever try to rejoin the fight, they would be doing so at their own peril” was comical at best for what pray tell would Obama do…drone them…I really don’t think so.

Finally claiming that a “logistical agreement” was reached a mere four days before the exchange, and that only then did Obama make a final decision to go with the deal, Hagel also said that officials only learned about the general area for the handover of Bergdahl a day in advance, and that they were given the exact location just an hour before it went down.

I really do NOT think so as logistics on our end would have to be worked out including back-up protection for those going in just in case this was a Taliban set-up.

And while Hagal’s testimony charmed the die-hard kool-ade drinkers in attendance …including those in the media…some Democrats have put their glasses down long enough to do the right thing as the House Appropriations Committee in a bipartisan 33-13 vote, voted to add a provision to a $570 billion defense spending bill that barred money for any future transfer of GITMO detainees to anywhere. And this provision also withholds other monies from the Defense Department until Hagel assures those in Congress that the notification rules will be followed.

Like that will ever happen with this administration.

So as Rep. Howard ‘Buck’ McKeon (R-Calif.), the committee’s chairman, opened the hearings delving into the Bergdahl exchange, two things remain clear even for those who still hang on to every word of the media anointed ‘savior’ of us all…first, this deal made with the enemy…with the Taliban…is, as McKeon said, “deeply troubling” due to its “unprecedented negotiations with terrorists.” And second, NO matter how Hagel tries to temper it down or to spin it, this deal is paramount to treason…period.

And the penalty for treason is…google it and you’ll see.


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