Christophobes attack Ben Carson for viral tweet declaring ‘#IamaChristian’

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carson-christian1In support of the nine people murdered by the Oregon shooter, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson issued a tweet with one simple message: “I am a Christian.”  The message, which included the hashtag #IamaChristian, went viral.

While many appreciated his show of support for those murdered for their religious belief, a number of others displayed their Christophobic bigotry with anti-Christian messages.

Here’s Carson’s short message:

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Here’s just some of the responses:

Translation: Carson is Hitler because this hatemonger thinks the German dictator was a practicing Christian.  For what it’s worth, I’ve also been called “little Hitler” for supporting religious freedom.  On a faith and values website no less.  The owner graciously removed the remark, but it shows the level of hate many have of Christians and Christianity.

One person was clearly clueless:

Some displayed their Christophobia by Photoshopping the image:

This one probably demonstrates the maturity level of the left better than anything I could say:

More hatred and stupidity followed:

Let this be an object lesson, folks.  When liberals speak of “tolerance,” this is what they really mean.  I’ve said it time and again: Liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  And liberals prove it every single day.

It’s no wonder Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey warned Christians to arm themselves.

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