Christians in Berlin beaten by man professing: ‘I am a Muslim’

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adagioOn Saturday, the Berliner Morgenpost reported that four Christians leaving the Adagio venue in Berlin’s Potzdamer Platz were reportedly assaulted by a man professing to be a Muslim.  A rough Google translation of the report can be seen here.

“I am a Muslim! What are you?” the man asked four 20-something men before attacking them.  According to the report, the alleged assailant was assisted by four older accomplices. added:

Police are now investigating the incident as a politically motivated attack, and at least five people are thought to have been injured in the melee, including one passer by who tried to settle the dispute.

The injured apparently refused medical treatment, and police records indicated they were from Serbia and Montenegro, and are Orthodox Christians.

The alleged assailants fled the scene and there are no reports of their whereabouts.

The question we now have is: How long before Facebook censors this report the way it did about the rape of a Swedish woman?

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