Christian teacher fired, reported to UK ‘counter-terrorism’ unit for telling lesbian ‘God loves you’

Isn’t it interesting that Christian crosses are what comprise Britain’s Union Jack?

Superimposed one atop the other, the British colors are actually each of the three different crosses representing: St. George, patron saint of England; St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland; and St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

But ironically, for self-professed Christian and loyal British citizen Svetlana Powell of Bristol, England, she’s has not only lost her job, but also was reported to a government stooge, ummm… sorry, “local coordinator” for Prevent – the British government’s ‘counter-terrorism’ strategy group.

The British-Christian in question is reportedly a “radicalisation threat” to the people of Bristol, England as reported by LifeSiteNews.com;

A government-funded pre-apprenticeship academy in Bristol reported a Christian teacher as a “radicalisation threat” for answering students’ questions about her beliefs, Bristol Employment Tribunal has heard.

Svetlana Powell, a teacher of some 17 years’ experience, told the Tribunal that she was dismissed by the T2 Apprenticeship Academy in Bristol in July 2016 after being asked by students about her views on homosexuality.

In reply to a personal question, Mrs Powell said that her personal belief was that homosexuality was against God’s will, but that He loved every person, regardless of what they did, or who they were.

When told that one of the students identified as a lesbian, Mrs Powell in conviction of God’s care and love for every person, turned to her and said: “God loves you”. Two days later, the Academy’s HR Officer, Stacy Preston, told Mrs Powell that she was fired for “gross misconduct” with immediate effect.

The Academy’s Chief Safeguarding Officer, Sian Prigg, told the Tribunal that after a group of students complained that they were “brainwashed and preached to”, she decided to contact the local coordinator for Prevent – the government’s ‘counter-terrorism’ strategy group – to report the incident. Mrs Powell said she did not know of being reported as a “radicalisation threat” until she brought a legal claim against the Academy and read Mrs Prigg’s witness statement for the Tribunal.

So what exactly is Britain’s “Prevent” program all about?

In a nutshell, Chris Graham of London’s The Telegraph gives a break-down as to what Prevent is suppose to do, and more importantly, just how broken-down this government scheme really is;

The terror attack in Manchester [Arianna Grande concert massacre] has thrown the spotlight on the government’s anti-radicalisation programme after it emerged that the security services missed a number of opportunities to prevent the atrocity.

The aim of the government’s Prevent strategy is to safeguard vulnerable individuals who are at risk of radicalisation and relies on intelligence coming from community leaders.

Over the past five years, Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena on May 22, was repeatedly flagged to the authorities over his extremist views.

But back to the Life Site article.

As it turns out, “Returning to work from a one-week holiday on 25 July, Mrs Powell was assigned to teach a class for 2 days, on 25 & 26 July 2016, in the absence of a fellow tutor. She was provided with a lesson plan, including a discussion on employability, or another topic which she considered to be appropriate.”

Cutting to the chase, it was further explained that there was one student in particular who was quite the Chatty Kathy. Powell had to correct the disruptive student for his “distracting fellow pupils, and so the tutor asked him to stop and to focus on his work.”

He was given a verbal warning by the teacher, saying that if he didn’t produce a certain amount of work after the lunch break, she would have to move him away from the others, so that he could concentrate on his work and not distract other learners. After the lunch break, the student continued talking while producing minimum work, so was asked to move away to the opposite end of the classroom. The student objected, and then started to be argumentative about the tutor’s faith, asking her first a question about her personal beliefs on evolution.

Other students then started to ask the tutor’s personal views on other faith issues, and as the class was engaging with the conversation, the tutor decided to use this as the

“I decided to use the students’ interest in the subject and to have a discussion to accommodate the activities included in the lesson plan,” Mrs Powell said. “I considered the topic appropriate, as the discussion about Christian views would contribute in raising cultural issues of our day and awareness of the religion of this country.”

The student who had originally been warned about his behaviour then asked the tutor for her personal views on homosexuality. She replied by saying that as a Christian, she “personally” believed the Bible says that homosexual activity was against God’s will, but that God still loves every person regardless of what they did, or who they were.

The same student then said that another student in the group was a lesbian, to which the tutor replied that God loved her. The tutor was then asked whether the lesbian student would “go to hell”, to which the tutor replied with the historic Christian view that for everyone who repents (turns to God), God has provided a way of salvation to us through His son, Jesus Christ. The tutor said nothing about ‘hell’.

The discussion became very heated with the original student who had been disciplined talking over others. At break, that student, and four others left the classroom and then went to talk to the Academy manager, Liz Barker.

Needless to say, things went south for Powell rather quickly. After all, she is admittedly a *GASP!* Christian!

OK, just so I understand this correctly … the British cops ignored for five years warnings of a young, male, radicalized Muslim who ended up killing 22 young girls at a pop concert.

But the same British authorities sprung into action when a middle-aged, female, apparently peaceful Christian told a lesbian, “God loves you.”

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Sarcasm off.

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