Christian mother targeted by LGBT group

The LGBT group will do whatever it takes to silence Christians as in the case of Elizabeth Johnston, also known as “The Activist Mommy,” who has spoken out about the increasing societal pressure to normalize homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and a host of other ills in America and wants her off Facebook.

Johnston is a popular Christian video blogger and gay activists are petitioning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg to delete her account because they hate what she says even though what she says is biblical.

Cultural War reported:

Elizabeth Johnston, also known as “The Activist Mommy” is no stranger to controversy.

“I’ve been banned three times from Facebook for just simply stating what the Bible says about homosexuality and just found out yesterday that a Change.org petition has been started to attempt to petition Mark Zuckerburg to delete my page from Facebook,” Johnston said in an interview with CBN News Thursday.

Earlier this year, Facebook apologized for suspending Johnston’s account for saying the Bible condemns homosexuality.

She argued that the Bible does not condone homosexuality and quoted scriptures from the Old and New Testament to support her. Facebook quickly removed the post and suspended Johnston’s account on three separate occasions. Facebook told Johnston her post did not “follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

“They are muzzling me and my biblical message while Mark Zuckerberg claims that FB is unbiased,” she said in a statement. “The post Facebook deleted included no name-calling, no threats, and no harassment. It was intellectual discussion and commentary on the Bible.”

Facebook finally apologized and reinstated Johnston’s account after coming under heavy fire from the media.

Johnston says Christians in America need to stop being timid and “use their voices on the burning issues of the day.”

“…It’s obvious looking around us that the world has gone mad and right is wrong and wrong is right,” she said.

The originator of the petition, Kai Ross, claims that Johnston has no business on Facebook nor has freedom of speech just because Johnston’s narrative does not fit her views. After all, as Ross puts it, we’re in the 21st Century, as if that means anything substantial.

“The Activist Mommy is everything that’s wrong with the world. She can’t wrap her head around new ideas of the 21st century and instead takes to Facebook to shame them. She’s harming the LGBTQ community (and many other communities) with her harmful assumptions and constantly refers to the Bible to justify her actions, “Ross said.

Since the Obama years, if you are a Christian, Republican, Conservative or any combination thereof, your freedom of speech, opinions, and beliefs mean nothing to the left.

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