Christian judge under investigation; lesbian judge, not so much

texasjudgeAuthor George Orwell once famously penned in his exposé of totalitarianism, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

The hypocrisy of the pigs in Animal Farm is being reminded to the citizenry present day by more than a few political pundits, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the federalization of homosexual marriage.

As reported by Jonathan Cooper of the Associated Press (AP) via ABC News on Sept. 5, 2015, an Oregon judge who also happens to be a self-avowed Christian has chosen to cease from performing civil marriage ceremonies, as is a legitimate option for Oregon judges. And as cited on The American Mirror news portal of syndicated columnist and author Kyle Olson on Sept. 6, 2015, a Texas judge who also happens to be a lesbian also chose to cease from performing civil marriage ceremonies, as is a legitimate option for Texas judges.

Besides the obvious, the differences in the two specific cases has some wondering if besides being a crackerjack writer, maybe Orwell was also a bit of a prophet. As it turns out, Judge Vance Day of Marion County, Oregon decided to stop performing all weddings as of last year. Due to not only being a bit of a Seer as well, Judge Day understood that same-sex marriage was inevitable. So as to not only stay fair with everyone concerned and also not violate his religious convictions, Hizzoner opted to take a pass on nuptials.

Meanwhile, Olson and a host of other New Media citizen journalists are reminding the public of the case of the little known Lone Star State’s Judge Tonya Parker, 116th Judicial District Court of Dallas County, when she opted to also cancel presiding presiding at civil marriages. As verified by ABC News on Feb. 24, 2012, Judge Parker scratched all weddings, but her rationale was…



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