Christian Child Placed in Foster Care With Muslim Family Reunited With Family

A five-year-old child who was separated from her parents had been placed with a Muslim family who tried to indoctrinate her into Islam after taking away her cross necklace, and encouraged her to learn Arabic.  After sparking outrage, the girl was reunited with her family.

The girl complained that her foster parents did not speak to her in English and she had no idea what they are saying.  I’m sure that by writing this article I am officially a bigot but answer me this:  What would happen if a young Muslim girl was placed into a Christian family?  The hue and cry would be unbelievable.

A social worker said the little girl cried to her because the foster family only speaks in Arabic and she begged her not to send her back to them.  She also wants her necklace and Christian cross pendant back.

They would not allow her to eat carbonara, her favorite food, because it contains bacon. She is described as being distressed.  She was placed with Muslims against her family’s wishes.


During a visit with her mother, the girl said she was told that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic.”

According to Breitbart:

Both of her female carers covered their faces with Islamic veils when they accompanied the child out of the house, indicators of a Salafi-influenced, puritanical form of Islam. The first foster carer, who she was with for four months, wore the niqab; the carer she is currently living with wears the burqa.

A friend of the child’s family told The Times: “This is a five-year-old white girl. She was born in this country, speaks English as her first language, loves football, holds a British passport and was christened in a church.”

“She’s already suffered the huge trauma of being forcibly separated from her family. She needs surroundings in which she’ll feel secure and loved. Instead, she’s trapped in a world where everything feels foreign and unfamiliar. That’s really scary for a young child,” they added.

In April of this year the children’s services in Tower Hamlets came under fire because of inadequate care and “widespread and serious failures in the services provided to children who need help and protection.” Tower Hamlets is in a section of London long known for its voter fraud and was controlled by a Muslim mayor until he was found guilty of corruption and voter fraud.

Only 31 percent of that section of London consists of white English citizens and schools there are considered a hotbed of Islamic extremism.  At least two children at the school were exposed to the radical teachings of known senior Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki.  And the private Islamic schools are considered to be a risk as indoctrination centers.

The area is also known for being intolerant of white foster care parents.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.  On Tuesday, the UK Sun reported that the girl was removed from the Muslim foster home and reunited with her parents.

According to the Sun:

The five-year-old was reunited with her gran after a Muslim judge insisted children needed “culturally matched placements”.

The Times reports Judge Khatun Sapnara ruled it was in the child’s best interests to live with a family member who will meet her needs “in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion”.

She also ordered Tower Hamlets council in East London to conduct an urgent investigation into the case, which she called “very concerning” and a matter of legitimate public interest.

After the hearing at East London family court, the girl’s relatives were said to be hugely relieved to have her back with them.

“We are unable to comment on individual cases or those that are subject to court proceedings,” a Tower Hamlets council spokesman said.  “Tower Hamlets Council’s fostering service provides a loving and stable home for hundreds of children every year, and in every case, we give absolute consideration to our children’s background and to their cultural identity.”


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