Childhood friend of Barack Obama comes forward with damaging information

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Mia Marie PopeTo those of us who have studied Barack Obama and done our research the story Mia Marie Pope     (no relation to this writer) tells about him comes as no surprise. To those who refuse to believe anything about Obama that portrays him in a negative light it has caused great consternation and gnashing of teeth. Pope has been called a liar, a nut case, and worse.

When my article outlining Pope’s recent interview with Dr. James David Manning was first published, blind followers of our narcissist-in-chief came out of the woodwork determined to discredit Pope, as they have done with anyone who has had anything less than flattering to say about the president or his past. A woman who claims to be a former childhood friend of President Barack Obama has spoken out about the president’s past in an exclusive interview. Mia Marie Pope spoke by telephone with Dr. James Manning on Nov. 4, and her story should be heard by everyone. Pope gave alarming details about President Obama’s life and personality while he was attending high school in Hawaii.

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