Child rape widespread in Turkey, media blackout

Child rape widespread in Turkey, media blackout
Child rape widespread in Turkey, media blackout

While many mainstream media outlets are focused on politics in various countries, the media has been silent about the wide spread rape of children in Turkey, the GateStone Institute has reported.

The GateStone Institute, a non-partisan, not-for-profit international policy council and think tank dedicated to educating the public about what the mainstream media fails to report released a report on Saturday that Turkey has once again threatened to tear up a controversial migrant deal and send hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers to Europe.

Meanwhile, outside the controversy, Syrian children are being raped and abused inside and outside of refugee camps in Turkey.

GateStone reported that in one incident, a 9-month-old Syrian baby was raped in the Islahiye district of Gaziantep on August 19. The baby is the child of a Syrian family who fled the war in Syria, according to the newspaper Birgun. The family, agricultural day-laborers in Gaziantep, had set up a tent in the field where they work.

On the day of the rape, the parents left their baby with an 18-year-old man before leaving to work a field 100 meters away.

When the parents returned, they saw the young man, a Turkish citizen who works as a shepherd, walking away from the tent. The mother noticed that her baby girl had been raped and took her to a local hospital, where the attack was confirmed.

The governor’s office of Antep announced that the young man had been arrested and brought to court.

Huseyin Simsek, the journalist who covered the incident for the newspaper Birgun, said that that he and the newspaper received countless death threats on social media for reporting the rape.

Simsek tweeted:

“Today, a 9-month-old baby was raped in Antep. There is a medical report. I am being sworn at, informed on, and threatened with death.”

“The incident is real. The doctors say the baby is 7 or 9-months-old. We will keep on writing.”

Some Twitter users called the reporter “a PKK terrorist”, “a FETO [Gulenist] terrorist”, “a traitor” and “a son of a bi*ch”, among others. Other users referred to Birgun as “toilet paper” and called for destroying the newspaper building.

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