Chicago rioters: Groping female Trump supporters is okay; ‘They are racist white b**ches’

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protestOn Friday, a large and motley gaggle of and Black Lives Matter activists — along with other left-wing agitators and actual left-wing terrorist Bill Ayers — took to the streets in Chicago to shut down a planned Donald Trump rally.

It seems, however, that according to reports on the ground, some of those protesters are now ready to attack and possibly rape female Trump supporters because of their race.

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If this sounds familiar, it should.  It’s exactly what’s happening in Europe with the flood of migrants…

What’s next? Beheadings?

It’s gonna be a wild ride this year.

Gee, ya think?  So much for having a reasonable discussion about policy…  It’s enough to make one think some liberals really do want a second civil war in America.


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