Chicago Gun Control Sees 2703 Shootings and 440 Dead


Something is seriously wrong.  In Chicago, where they never met a gun law they didn’t like, shooting numbers are off the scale.  434 people were killed in Chicago in 2014.  That means they have already had more shooting deaths than the year before, with almost five weeks to go in the year.  How is it possible in a city where it is so tough to own a gun or buy ammunition for so many shootings to take place?  That’s because it’s only hard for law abiding citizens.  Criminals have no problem at all.

The latest play on gun control is that liberals are pointing to Paris as an excuse to crack down on legal gun ownership.  First of all, gun laws in France date back to 1939 and are some of the most restrictive in the world.  Researchers claim there are two illegal guns for every legal one.  Secondly, only law abiding citizens would have to follow new gun registration or gun ownership.  Law abiding citizens just don’t shoot up Paris.  They don’t.  Google it yourself.

The latest gun law passed in Chicago was the “Violence Tax” paid on every gun and every round of ammunition.  Of course, if you believe the tax had anything to do with gun violence, you still believe in the Tooth Fairy.  It was just a way to collect a few dollars in order to fuel their runaway spending.  Meanwhile people die in the streets.  Ben Carson’s #1 adviser has suggested that Chicago hire Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam to patrol the streets.

Last weekend alone, eleven people were shot and five of them died — and that’s just in two days.  Ask yourself this question. Why do mass killings happen almost every single time in liberal cities?  Why do the most shootings take place in liberal cities and states?  Could it be that those are the cities where it’s much less likely that a law abiding citizen can’t fight back?  (Liberals….That was a rhetorical question.  The answer is obvious.)


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