Chelsea Clinton unsure if pic of Lincoln in #MAGA hat photoshopped, gets mocked on Twitter

Chelsea Clinton Lincoln MAGA
This picture triggered Chelsea Clinton who wondered if it was photoshopped… (Twitter)

Is this what the Democrats really want to run for office some time in the future?  On Sunday, Twitchy reported that a picture of former President Abraham Lincoln wearing a Make America Great Again cap actually prompted Chelsea Clinton to ask if it was photoshopped.  The question, naturally, sparked a great deal of mockery on Twitter.

This is the picture that triggered the former first daughter:

Clinton asked: “Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?”

No, Chelsea, this is an actual photo of what Lincoln wore when he ran for office… (sarcasm off… for now.)

Twitter responded accordingly:

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Good question…

Twitchy added:

Seriously, did she really think an image of Lincoln in a MAGA hat wouldn’t be Photoshopped? That he was just walking around back in the 1860’s rockin’ a red baseball cap with a futuristic Trump slogan on it?

The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

This is very true, so that means this has to be an actual photo from the 1860s, right?

Newsbusters’ Tom Blumer noted:

Chelsea Clinton is 37 years old — 19 years past the minimum voting age, 16 years over the legal age to drink, no longer entitled to reflexive press protection as the daughter of a Democratic President or presidential candidate, and thus eligible for ridicule when she deserves it — even if the establishment media’s gatekeepers don’t like it. I’d suggest that if you really have to ask, as Mrs. Clinton did, if a “Make America Great Again” hat seen on a rendering of Abe Lincoln on the cover of a Republican Party dinner program has been “photoshopped,” you deserve every bit of the ridicule coming your way.

We agree…

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