Checkmated again and this time national security could be involved

bioweaponsVladimir Putin has NOT only checkmated Obama yet again, he has proven himself to be the most savvy and cunning of players in the game of world diplomacy…diplomacy that he guides, sets the rules for, and manipulates so that he comes out on top.

And as new developments emerge in regards to Syria joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), please do NOT be fooled by all the bravado surrounding this joining which ‘on the surface’ looks good, but there’s more to this than meets the eye…and Putin is standing in the background smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

There is so much more…and Syria so readily agreeing to join OPCW is just one part of a cleverly crafted plan put together by two very smart but conniving of men…two men working in tandem to prove to the world what a fool our American president is…what an amateur he is…and in a way you have to give them credit for they have done what our media refuses to do…report the truth that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has NO clue whatsoever about the happenings in the Middle East or how to deal with them.

Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad…two pros have just again upped the ‘Community Organizer’ and this time the consequences could indeed have US national security issues attached to them.

Let me explain…

Early yesterday morning OPCW Director-General, Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü, announced that an agreement of sorts had been reached between Russia and the US on Syria’s surrendering its cache of chemical weapons, but carefully note the wording and the name of this organization…an agreement has been reached for Syria to surrender its ‘chemical’ weapons…its ‘chemical’ weapons…the Organization for the Prohibition of ‘Chemical’ Weapons…

Syria will surrender its ‘chemical’ weapons and its ‘chemical’ weapons alone while nary a word has been said about Syria’s biological weapons…for OPCW has NO authority whatsoever over biological weaponry…weaponry just as deadly as ‘chemicals’ if NOT even more so. And add into this that progress on the implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) has been slow if NOT outright halted, because of the lack of a formal verification mechanism. So the bottom line is that al-Assad will lose his ‘chemical’ weapons but gets to keep his even more deadly bio-weapons.

And Putin knows this…but shhhhh…we here in America are NOT supposed to know about this glitch, because Obama has NOT told ‘We the People’ about this most serious of developments.

Now this is exactly what falls under OPCW’s auspices and this alone…any toxic ‘chemical’ or its precursor that can cause death, injury, temporary incapacitation or sensory irritation through its ‘chemical’ action, and including the munitions or other delivery systems designed to deliver said ‘chemical’ weapons, whether filled or unfilled.

And according to OPCW, the toxic ‘chemicals’ used as weapons, or have been developed for use as weapons, must be choking, blister, blood, or nerve agents. The most commonly known agents are choking agents like chlorine and phosgene…blister agents like mustard gas and lewisite… blood agents like hydrogen cyanide…and nerve agents like sarin, soman, and VX.

And with regards to Syria NO matter it be al-Assad’s forces or the al-Qaeda backed rebels who gassed the civilians, the ‘chemical’ of choice has been sarin gas…and sarin gas al-Assad is very willing to turn over.

Al-Assad will turn his ‘chemical’ weapons over but NO word has been said about the ‘chemical’ weapons that are in the hands of the rebels…and NO subterfuge or doublespeak will hide the fact that the rebels do indeed have their hands on a limited amount of said weapons. And why has NO one demanded the rebels turn over their chemical weapons…why…I guess it will be up to Putin to sort that one out because we know Obama sure won’t.

So as al-Assad turns his ‘chemical’ weapons over to OPCW he can inwardly smile knowing that his biological weapons cache is safe from prying eyes…for NOT even Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the al-Qaeda backed rebels best friend…has said one word about his cache of bio-weapons…whether deliberately or through sheer ineptitude…a cache that is far more deadly than any ‘chemical’ weapon can ever be…and a cache that is easily portable.

Portable to America perhaps…

Bio-weapons made from the likes of anthrax, smallpox, ebola, bubonic and pneumonic plague, tularemia, botulinum toxin, nipah virus, chimera viruses, ricin, and Clostridium perfringens, to name just a few of the most deadly…deadly agents that can be delivered by something as simple as through aerosol dispersal…be dropped into our water supply…into our soil…into our food supply…all transportable to America…nasty little bugs that can wipe out thousands with just one drop. And while they’re somewhat safely stored away and protected under al-Assad, just imagine what would happen if the al-Qaeda backed rebels ever did get their hands on them.

And that casts a shadow of doom over the US and of course Israel…Israel who would be the first recipient of such a bio-weapons attack.

And al-Assad knows this as of course does Putin, and that’s why al-Assad was so willing to jump on board the chemical weapons ban as he has back-up bio-weapons if need be…weapons that are far more deadly than sarin gas can ever be…bio-weapons that can kill thousands in the blink of an eye. And what al-Assad doesn’t have Putin will give him, and Obama is just too incompetent to see how he, Kerry, and all the other DC miscreants have been played by being forced to focus on ‘chemical’ weapons alone.

And if anything nefarious happens because bio-weapons were NOT even addressed before any agreement concerning Syria was put into place, Barack HUSSEIN Obama through sheer ineptitude and incompetence will own that too.


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