Check out what has been called the last tweet by one of the officers killed in Dallas

YouTube: CBS DFW

Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa was one of the five officers killed Thursday in the horrific sniper attack that has been lauded by Black Lives Matter supporters as well as ISIS and al Qaeda.  According to the Washington Post, he survived three tours in Iraq.

“He comes to the United States to protect people here,” his dad told the Post. “And they take his life.”

This, Twitchy said, is reportedly his last tweet:

According to the Post:

His interests, outside of an avid devotion to the Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, were few.

But he adored his children.

He tweeted a video of himself with his stepson, Dylan, yelling “Go Cowboys” together in 2013. The next year, he posted a photo of his boy, flashing a toothy grin, on the opening day of first grade.

“My buddy,” Zamarripa called him.

Late last year, he shared a video of Dylan pulling his daughter in a little red wagon.

“Where you going?” he asked, as they strolled past. She smiled and cooed.

“It’s the simple things that bring joy to my life,” Zamarripa posted.

Lyncoln, he liked to write, was his “#princess.”

He tweeted photos of her on the day after she was born in 2013.

“Daddy’s got you,” he wrote. “My new reason for… life.”

Here’s a video report highlighting Zamarippa’s life, courtesy of CBS DFW:

Rest in peace, Officer Zamarripa.


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