Charlie Rangel (Liar-N.Y.) falsely claims Confederates became Dixiecrats, then the Tea Party

Charlie Rangel bustedI sometimes wonder if Charlie Rangel’s mother ever had any kids that lived.

For the millionth time, the New York Democrat falsely claimed that the Tea Party is descendent from the Confederacy.  He also claims — falsely — that opposition to Obama is based on race.  In short, when Rangel has no facts, he falls back on the old race card…

Apparently, he thinks Idaho was part of the Confederacy, given that’s the state where Raul Labrador, R-ID., comes from.

Buzzfeed reported:

Democratic New York Rep. Charlie Rangel stood by earlier comments that Republican opposition to President Obama is in part based upon his race, and added in an interview with C-SPAN’s Q&A that slaveholding states became Tea Party states.

“I think if you take a look and see which counties and which Congressional districts, which areas of the United States had the most prejudice, it would be the slaveholding states,” he said. “It would be the Confederate states. It would be the states that fought the Union. Those that hated Lincoln.”

So, according to Rangel, Idaho was part of the Confederacy.  So was Minnesota, apparently.

Rangel wasn’t finished lying, however:

“If you look at it today, they have changed parties,” he said. “They used to be Dixiecrats, then they became Tea Party. The love and affection of embracing the Confederate flag. And then you place a birth that a lot of attention was given to him. The fact that people can say we have got to take our country back and lawyers know it is not what the written word it is how did you say that to determine what they really meant. So people said, please don’t bring up that race thing anymore.”

As Mark Twain once said, there are lies, and then there are damn lies.  Rangel doesn’t care about facts, so he lies knowing full well his low-information base is too stupid to realize he’s lying.

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And BTW, he’s said this before:

Let’s not forget Rangel’s own shady past:


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