Changing the political complexion of America

illegals1They come to America ILLEGALLY…they come NOT to be free and contribute to the fabric of our American society but for the freebies and handouts this most miserable excuse of a president has promised them.

And yes…they come to rape our welfare and healthcare systems and to take jobs away from true American citizens.

All this is what they come for…period.

And what do we get in return…press one for English for starters.

And we also get chicken pox, measles, mumps, scabbies, TB, smallpox, the plague, and so many other nasties that they bring with them.

ilegals3This is what the current Obama sanctioned…and I believe initiated…wave of ILLEGALS come for and bring to our beloved America. NOT coming as past generations did for freedom, to work hard, to pay taxes, and to live the American dream, but to fulfill Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s wish to collapse America from within and bring us down to third world status…making us NO better than the cesspools (and the muslims do NOT hold sole title to their countries being cesspools) from which they came.

Instead of standing strong and fighting for change within their own countries they run to our country, because they know the trade off is simple…all they have to do is sell their souls to the Democratic party. This is what this newest influx of ILLEGALS is all about…the party and NOTHING else.

One thing Obama is NOT is stupid…devious, underhanded, and of course traitorous but NOT stupid…and he and his cohorts have cleverly devised a plan to assure Democratic rule for many years to come…simply flood the country with those willing to sell their souls to the party to assure themselves and their children…and their children’s children…the fruits of ‘We the People’s’ labors. Breeding like animals these people will soon outnumber we LEGAL Americans and will control the body political for two, three, even four generations…or more.

illegals4Scary huh…and it gets worse. Remember the 100-mile border…the Constitutional Free zones…I wrote about a few op-eds ago…well after being ‘processed,’ Obama is now dispersing these people into those free zones throughout America knowing full well that they cannot be deported, because he’s buried certain non-deportation laws within the current immigration policies.

Those policies he of course enforces…the rest of the current on-the-books immigration laws he simply ignores.

And guess which cities and states Obama is shipping these people to within that 100-mile boarder… none other than Republican leaning cities in Republican leaning states…where these ILLEGALS will simply ‘disappear’ into the masses NEVER attending their mandatory joke of immigration court dates. And what a clever move this is as now Obama knows that their sheer numbers alone will most assuredly shift red states blue.

And so far there seems to be NOT a damn thing we can do to stop him as he and his liberal buddies plan on giving ILLEGALS the right to vote. And like I said previously, these people have sold their souls to the party in return for those votes. Simple rule of the ‘jungle’ so to speak…one NEVER bites the hand that feeds, clothes, and houses you.

illegals5And to make matters even worse, the children who are now crossing ILLEGALLY on their own stand even a lesser chance of ever being deported than the adults do. Data from immigration courts as well as interviews with their advocates proves how few are ever sent back. For example, according to 2013 Justice Department figures…figures compiled before the current and still ongoing crisis at our border… 47,000 children under 18-years of age were caught by the border patrol. Out of that number 3,525 were ordered by the courts to be sent back to their home countries but only1,589 actually were, with an additional 888 voluntarily returning home. But get this, only 361 out of the 47,000 were granted LEGAL permission to stay.

Please note above that I said ‘were caught’…now just think how many successfully crossed without being caught…the numbers are staggering.

And most of those caught were NOT the sweet little toddlers with the sad eyes and thumbs in their mouths that the media so loves to pull our heart strings with. Most of those caught were druggies and gang members and general ‘nary-do-wells’ who came here to take, rob, and steal from us…and sometimes to kill us. And some had criminal records in their home countries even at so young an age.

But hey…the borders were and still are for all intents and purposes open…as in come on in…Obama welcomes you with open arms. New criminals to join the ones already flourishing within the once proud Democratic party.

illegals6And still they come in even greater numbers…and this new wave flooding across our still unsealed border is NO different than any previous wave except that now they’ve added very serious nasty little germs into the mix.

And what’s so sad about all this is that it hurts those trying to come here LEGALLY as they now are slow to be processed due to the influx of those who do NOT follow our laws. So while those who come ILLEGALLY get fast-tracked and are privy to all our country has to offer for free, those coming LEGALLY have to wait years as their cases work their way through the immigration courts. And with the ILLEGALS overwhelming our court system the LEGALS have been put on the back burner to simmer until they basically give up on ever coming to America.

But then again most coming here LEGALLY are NOT those that would hold allegiance to King Obama or to his party of miscreants, traitors, and thieves. Those coming here LEGALLY are coming to pursue the American dream and to bask in the freedom our country would afford them. They want to come here to work…to become Americans… Americans without hyphens…to assimilate into our society NOT have our society cater and bow down to them. These are people we should welcome with open arms…who we should move to the front of the line in the court system moving the others to the back… or simply send them back without court hearings for their very action of crossing our border ILLEGALLY makes them criminals by definition, and we have enough criminals already here…thank you very much.

illegals2And now Obama has a $3.7 billion plan before Congress that he says would help speed up the deportation of ILLEGALS now flooding our borders…NEVER mentioning the ones already ILLEGALLY here…the truth more likely is these centers would be used to help speed up the processing and shipping of ILLEGAL future Democratic voters to destinations throughout our America.

And this is a truth Congress most likely knows but is too gutless to do anything about…and with that all I can do is sigh in disgust.


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