Chamber of Commerce Bids $100 Million for RINOs

crooks1The Chamber of Commerce has announced plans to spend $100 million in order to defeat conservative and Tea Party members who oppose importing cheap foreign labor and opposing the crony capitalist Ex-Im Bank.

The chamber spent $70 Million in 2014 in an effort to defeat conservatives.  They are more worried this time.  The success the conservatives had in displacing establishment John Boehner has emboldened them to work harder to replace the dinosaurs in the Republican Party that the Chamber buys like hot dogs at the fair.

Not only will this be the most the chamber has spent but they are starting earlier than ever before, already having spent three million on advertising.  You can almost smell the fear.  The Chamber owns the establishment Democratic Party and the establishment Republican Party and the investment has paid off well.  If conservatives make good advances in the 2016 elections, those investments could go down the tubes.

They have something else to fear.  The libertarian Koch brothers have promised to spend $889 million in this election cycle and they have a proven track record of spending wisely, which the Chamber does not.  That 100 million doesn’t look so large compared to that.

Conservatives have another large advantage, one that has been a proven winner every election cycle.  Enthusiasm.  Fueled by Boehner’s resignation, that enthusiasm will be even greater.  Add to that, the pathetic choices Democrats have at the top of their ticket that will reverberate all the way down to the local dogcatcher and the Chamber will be fighting for relevance.

Losing Boehner was a huge loss for the Chamber.  He is in favor of reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank and without him, they may not stand a chance of winning on that front.  Boehner also put the deep-pocketed Chamber ahead of Republican base voters.  You can expect the Chamber to put a lot of pressure on their paid members of the House to elect Kevin McCarthy to replace Boehner.

This coming election, take nothing for granted, especially in the primaries.  If we are going to salvage this country, we need a strong conservative presence in Congress and in the White House.


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