Video: Man injured in Central Park explosion

Central Park
Screengrab: YouTube

Three men were walking through a part of Central Park, when one of them stepped on an “unknown device” today. The explosion literally blew off the man’s foot above the ankle, according to police.

It is unclear what caused the explosion, and the park was not evacuated.

While both news media and the FDNY stated it was “probably” related to “fireworks,” the fact that this occurred not far from the funeral of a famous Holocaust Survivor and Author, Elie Weisel is suspicious.

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It is unknown what kind of “fireworks” could have caused a man’s leg or foot to be blown off when he stepped on them. It sounds more like some sort of booby trap or IED. Are officials being honest about this situation?

Officials have stepped up security at the park after the explosion.

Here’s video, courtesy of ABC:

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