Censorship: DHS answer to problem of youth joining ISIS

DHS - Department of Homeland (In)Security?
DHS – Department of Homeland (In)Security?

Possibly the best example the campaign slogan “Hope and Change,” the Obama Administration certainly seems to hope that their latest unveiling of Newspeak will lead to change. Case in point would be Obama’s Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) solution to Millennials possibly being drawn to Islamic Jihadism – censorship.

As reported by Bill Gertz of Fox News, and also by Ashley Collman of Great Britain’s the Daily Mail, both on June 17, 2016, the DHS has come up with a sure fire remedy for American Muslim males between the ages of 16-39 from being seduced into becoming ISIS lone wolves. In a nutshell, the DHS recommends the two-headed monster of censorship and throwing money at the problem.

DHS’ Advisory Council has recently released a report, complete with the Tom Clancy-esque title of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Subcommittee Interim Report and Recommendations June 2016, in which a number of suggestions were floated to counter jihadi terror attacks on American soil. One such notion was that the American people and government needs to exert greater effort in ensuring “we stop making the fight against radical Islam an ‘us versus them’ fight.”

Furthermore, the DHS also reports that the nation should ‘reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.'” Examples of the offending religiously-charged terminology cited would be certain Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” used in program s aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth.

In what could be a prime example of exactly why Barack Obama has incurred more debt than all previous presidents combined, the DHS report also recommends allocating up to $100 million in new funding. As reported, “The funds would be used for hiring experts and new social media programs and technology to influence young people not to join terror groups.”



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