A Cease-Fire Reached…NO Thanks to Obama


“This time we hope the cease-fire will stick.” 
Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev after Hamas accepted the Egyptian cease-fire deal they previously had rejected

Gotta love Egyptian President el-Sisi for brokering a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and doing so without consulting Obama…and you gotta love him for declining all Obama’s many invitations to visit the U.S., instead choosing to go to Russia to meet and talk with Vladimir Putin to discuss cooperation between Russia and Egypt, to discuss the Gaza crisis, to discuss the situation in Iraq and Libya, and of course to discuss the growing threat that is ISIS.

And the ultimate kick is that Putin promised el-Sisi he will speed up delivery of billions of dollars in arms and invited Cairo to forge free trade ties with a Moscow-led customs bloc…a direct counter to Obama’s freezing part of an already agreed to military aid package that was due Egypt. In fact, Moscow and Cairo have already signed contracts for the purchase of Mig-29 fighters, Russian attack helicopters, coastal defense systems, and more.

Ain’t it nice that sometimes payback does indeed turn out to be a b*tch.

And now our anything but beloved Barack HUSSEIN Obama is being paid back BIG time by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi…a man truly demonstrating both leadership and political skills as he works towards Egyptian economic reform and getting rid of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups based in or working out of Sinai. And prime on his ‘to-do’ list is putting Obama in his place for his butting into Egypt’s internal affairs…as in his support of the Muslim Brotherhood. And to make revenge all the more sweet, el-Sisis is doing so by throwing Putin in Obama’s face.

You just gotta love it…I mean you really gotta love it.

And now it has become known that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry had recently issued a statement demanding that US authorities ‘use restraint’ in response to the Ferguson riots…what a well-deserved slap in Obama’s face as it’s just like the demand he made when Egyptians took to the streets to overthrow Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohamed Morsi last year.

Tit-for tat payback and it couldn’t happen to a nicer golf-playing American traitor.

And under the rule of el-Sisis, Egypt is now becoming a true player on the world stage. A player of honor who helped broker an Egyptian truce between Israel and Hamas that is apparently now in effect…a truce that began at 7pm EST yesterday evening…and a truce that has irritated Obama NO end as he wanted any truce reached to be because of his doings and his alone. Well guess what…that ain’t happening…and it’s good that it didn’t for the last thing Israel needs is having a muslim-supporting, terrorist condoning individual…by the name of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…looking over its shoulder.

And in this Egyptian truce deal…technically an ‘open-ended cease-fire’…reached after almost two months of fighting…and with Israel confirming its acceptance of the deal…at least until the next time Hamas breaks it that is…it has become increasing apparent that Hamas has lost, and that certain factions in Hamas have grown tired of the fight and wanted a cease fire, especially after last week’s Israel targeted killing…way to go Israel…of three top Hamas military commanders.

And what of this deal…what do the Palestinians get…while Hamas remains in control of Gaza with part of its military arsenal intact the deal calls for an indefinite halt to hostilities, a somewhat easing of the blockade restrictions (as in imports of humanitarian aid and building materials into Gaza) with Israel and Egypt but with Israel and Egypt still controlling access to those blockades, and an Israeli symbolic gesture of expanding Gaza’s fishing zone in the Mediterranean from three to six nautical miles, but again with Israel and Egypt controlling even that.

And what do the Israeli’s get from this deal…first and foremost is their new alliance with Egypt. And then they get to live without the daily rocket attacks lobbed at them, and they get Hamas’ promise to stop smuggling guns and weapons into Gaza. But sadly, that will NEVER come to fruition as those in Hamas practice the time honored muslim way of taqiyya…as in you cannot believe a word they say…ever.

But if they break this NO longer called cease-fire…now suddenly being called a ‘truce’…just know that Israel will be on them yet again. And if they think their first go-round of pounding was tough just wait until they see what’s coming. Israel has had enough…Netanyahu has had enough… and these ‘people’ (and I use the word ‘people’ lightly) can only push Israel so far. And now that Obama and his bloviating mouthpiece John Kerry have been relegated to second tier status…as in being relegated to observers and NOTHING more…Israel is now free to do what needs to be done…and with Egypt’s support to boot.

And doing what needs to be done just might come sooner than later as Mahmoud Zahar, a senior Hamas leader, while promising to rebuild homes destroyed in the war also said that Hamas would rearm. “We will build and upgrade our arsenal to be ready for the coming battle, the battle of full liberation,” he said…while surrounded by Hamas gunmen.

And those words said will surely affect the expanded talks that are set to begin in a month on more complex issues…issues including Hamas’ demand to build a seaport and airport in Gaza which Israel has said it would only agree to if Hamas complete and totally disarms…and that is one demand Hamas continues to reject.

And what of Egypt…what do they get in all this. What they get…now to Obama’s chagrin as Egypt is more than a bit aligned with Israel…is that they can cut even more ties with the U.S., thus removing themselves from Obama’s ever-watchful eye and chastising mouth…that is until ties can be strengthened again when Obama is out of office and the world, so to speak, is set right again.

So while Egypt still needs the U.S. when it concerns monetary matters pertaining to global financial institutions…as in Egypt’s dealings with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund while they draw-up a new Country Partnership Framework strategy for 2015–2019…a strategy which lays out how the World Bank Group will support Egypt as to what and what NOT will become priorities over the coming years…the fact is that Egypt NO longer needs the U.S. in order to flex its own muscle in all matters ‘Middle East.’

And you know what…that just might be the best thing of all out of this entire sorted mess for a lasting alliance between Egypt and Israel just might be the catalyst that turns the Arab Spring turned Arab Winter back to an Arab Spring again.


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