CDC Director Says ‘There Is A Plan’ To Provide ‘Education And Counseling’ For Unvaxxed Essential Workers (Video)

The unvaccinated essential workers who were considered “heroes” in 2020 are now going to be re-educated if they continue to refuse to get vaccinated. That’s more of that “Biden Unity.”

The Biden-Harris administration ran on “unifying” the country but instead have worked to deepen the divide. One of the most significant ways that they’re doing that is by vilifying the unvaccinated essential workers — many of whom have already recovered from the China Virus — who don’t want the shot.

Throughout the world, government-backed “Nudge Units” were used to “encourage” vaccination with a vaccine that was approved for emergency use. A lot of people complied, but as we’ve seen the vaccines quickly losing efficacy, there are holdouts who don’t see the point, especially with the “medical experts” stubbornly refusing to acknowledge natural immunity.

Under Biden, the “nudging” gave way to federal mandates where many people were given the choice of “jab” or “job.”

On Fox News on Sunday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told host Chris Wallace that there’s a “plan” to provide “education and counseling” for the unvaccinated in order to push them into compliance.

Despite saying that the China Virus had hit several police workforces and tragically resulted in deaths for some officers, she still makes no mention of natural immunity from prior infection, which would be relevant if the virus spread throughout the workplace.

The CDC’s response to the 2020 “heroes” who were out there on the “front line” and “risking their lives” with a “deadly virus” is to re-educate them and force compliance to the vax mandate instead of listening to their objections.

Incredibly, she didn’t say it with a thick, East German accent, “Ve haf vays of making you comply.”

It’s astounding what the unelected public health bureaucrats at the CDC can do, isn’t it?

They can embrace the climate change narrative, declare gun crime a “public health threat”,  and although SCOTUS says they don’t have the authority, the CDC was still able to determine that private contracts between landlords and tenants can be ignored during a pandemic to prevent evictions. Interestingly, there’s not a peep about the flood of unvaccinated, COVID-positive migrants arriving daily at the southern border which is a legitimate public health threat. Now, they’re getting into the re-education business. Fascinating.

Here is a full transcript of the exchange after the clip of President Biden was shown.

WALLACE: Now, mandates by government, by private companies have… of essential workers… have generally worked. You see a big boost in vaccinations, even though there may be some grousing. But as you know, there are cases where police officers, or health workers, or pilots are walking off the job rather than get the vaccine. Are you still full speed ahead on mandates for essential workers to get vaccinated?

WALENSKY: We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated. Here’s what we know, the most disruptive thing that you can do to a workforce is to have a COVID outbreak in that workforce. That will most definitely not only send people home, but it will send people to the hospital and some may pass. What we know from the police workforce is that there have been more deaths from the coronavirus over the last year and a half than all other causes of death for that workforce combined. So we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated. There is a plan — should these people not want to be vaccinated — towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated.

WALLACE: But what about the argument that we’re talking about public health here. And if you get, and we’ve seen some real resistance, for instance, in the Chicago Police Department, in the interest of public health on vaccinations, if you have a large part of a police force leaving, in terms of public health, aren’t you further behind the ball rather than having made gains?

WALENSKY: You know, the way you can down a police force is by having a COVID outbreak in that police force. So what we’re working to do is mitigate that from happening.

Do you know what could be a real problem? Exactly what Chris Wallace mentions — not having enough officers on a police force that has already suffered from the “Defund the Police” buffoons because the CDC is trying to force vaccination on people who just don’t want it.

The whole interview with Walensky shows just how confusing our “public health experts” are on the China Virus. They discussed mixing and matching vaccines which is suddenly acceptable, what “fully vaccinated” means (she contradicts Saint Fauci on this), and how “excited” she is about jabbing 5-11-year-olds with an “emergency-use” vaccine for an illness that doesn’t really pose a threat to them. Walensky then doesn’t rule out mandates for school kids.

When discussing the new coronavirus numbers, immediately after saying that more than 1,500 deaths are occurring daily, she says that “vaccines are working” even though some of the people that have contracted the virus and died were vaccinated.

Wallace then asks Walensky about a “fifth wave” and that the virus “tends to find places that are unvaccinated.”

Then she continues to vilify the unvaxxed after being shown a clip of crowds at football games where the ‘Rona hasn’t “feasted” on the unmasked crowds in the “close congregate setting” as predicted by leftist MSNBC host Joy Reid and Saint Fauci.

Wallace then asks about holidays and she says to “gather outdoors” for Halloween and don’t do what the people at college football games are doing… even though there haven’t been massive outbreaks of the China Virus at SEC games.

She then advocates for mitigation measures for holiday gatherings.

Watch the full segment here:

What an absolute clown.

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