CCC chairman’s brother: ‘I will never vote democrat again’, new TV ad released

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Release of the first national TV ad confronting Obama's tyranny.
Release of the first national TV ad confronting Obama’s tyranny.

Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee (CCC) sent a notice today that while he is on the west coast promoting the first national TV ad confronting Obama’s tyranny, a member of his family no longer supports democrats.

Marcus said, “Since the election, Obama’s fundamental transformation of America has accelerated to warp speed. Every day we are hit with a new crisis, equaling a new excuse to attack and eliminate another one of our God given freedoms. Low-info voters swallow Obama and the Democrat’s lies hook, line, and sinker.”

“So, I got this text from my brother David who lives on the east coast early this morning at 6am. Early morning and late night calls from family members can be a bit disconcerting. Dad turns 85 in April. David’s text was wonderful!”

The brother of Marcus text message said, “I am done. I will never vote democrat again. I get it. I am buying a book by Star Parker called Uncle Sam’s Plantation. U are right. Keep it up!”

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