In case you missed it: Trump opens US beef to be sold to 1.7 billion Chinese and Brazilians

American beef market now open to China. (Pinterest)

Despite the Establishment Media dealing with a severe case of TDS, everyone involved in the American beef industry is celebrating.

Of course, cattle ranchers are ecstatic. So are the manufacturers of cattle feed. Let’s not forget those employed at meat packing plants, or those in the transportation industry who actually move the product from the ranch to consumer.

And the tertiary jobs are too numerous to mention. From those that refine the fuel that keep the big rigs running, to the workers who are responsible for making the bags that the cattle feed is packaged in, an awful lot of American workers are very, very happy.

Why all the happiness in spite of the MSM bombarding the American people with the alleged “news” that President Trump is incapable of successfully completing even the most minor of tasks without involving the Russians?

For reasons that are obvious to even the most casual of observers realize, the media has turned quite the blind eye to President Trump re-opening the Chinese and Brazilian markets to American beef exports.

The agriculture-specific news site Farms.com as well as the Chinese-American Yibada.com are both reporting that the Trump Administration has finalized a trade deal with Beijing that also includes American soybeans and liquefied natural gas;

American beef headed overseas. (Flickr)

“(American) beef producers will once again have access to the enormous Chinese market, with a strong and growing middle class, which had been closed to our ranchers for a long, long time,” Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said in a May 12 release.

China banned U.S. beef in 2003 after bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) [Mad Cow Disease] concerns.

The newly-granted beef access is good news, says Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.

“For Iowa cattle producers and their fellow cattlemen around the country, getting U.S. beef into China means increased sales and greater value for the product they work hard to produce,” Iowa Cattlemen’s Association said in a release on May 12. “China is home to … a growing middle-class that is larger than the entire U.S. population. These middle-class consumers are buying record amounts of protein…”

According to a May 12 statement from Ron Moore, the American Soybean Association president;

“There’s not a soybean farmer in the country that doesn’t recognize the importance of the Chinese market to his or her success. The Chinese are our most significant trading partners…”

Not the only good news to American ag-business, but overwhelmingly ignored by the American media, the 13-year ban on US beef to Brazil has also come to an end under President Trump. As Agri-Pilse.com;

It’s unclear how big of a market Brazil will be for U.S. beef. The country is a major producer and exporter and recently pushed out Australia as the largest beef supplier to China.

But USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue said today he is optimistic.

“With Brazil’s large market reopened to the United States, U.S. beef exports are poised for new growth,” Perdue said in a statement. “I look forward to Brazilians getting the opportunity to eat delicious American beef, because once they taste it, they’ll want more of it.”

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