Cascading Crises of the Biden Administration

The cascading crises of the Biden Administration are leaving ordinary Americans in the lurch. Whoever his handlers are, they are truly evil, and likely laughing as the ever growing list churns onward. The supply chain crisis is leaving store shelves empty across the country. All because cargo-laden ships are stalled in the ocean off both the west and east coasts. The government is saying there will be serious shortages this Christmas.

But that’s not counting the vaccine mandate crisis, with thousands of people refusing the vaccines and losing their jobs while there are hundreds of thousands of job available all over the country. Companies and even the military went full on communist after Biden’s mandates went into effect.

That doesn’t even count the immigration crisis with open borders from stem to stern, overflowing detention centers, totally unvetted migrants being dumped inside the nation…you get the picture. With the addition of Afghans who are only partially vetted or not at all, the potential for more disasters increases exponentially.

As if those cascading crises weren’t enough, there is the oil spill environmental disaster off the coast of California that threatens to make the energy crisis worse as Democrats demand a stop to offshore drilling. They have no foresight whatsoever, or any concept of what their whining is doing.

Don’t forget the price of gas has gone through the roof because Bungling Biden did away with Trump’s economy boosting measures and instituted job killing ones.

cascading crises

They didn’t bother to mention the extreme fire at the LA port from the backup that threatens to keep the ships floating aimlessly around in the ocean. And what about the crews on those ships? No money comes in as long as they haven’t offloaded. The Longshoremen’s Union says they will start working 24/7 to get the cargo off. What else can screw that up? Joe Biden?

Don’t forget China in all of this.

Then there’s that whining about fossil fuels, even as their precious windmills have been criticized for not producing electricity. They’re even ridiculously calling the problem “global stilling.” How about global stupidity?

More cascading crises: Inflation is running rampant over Americans of every level from seniors to the poorest among us. Beef and chicken have nearly become luxury items as the price of such meats skyrockets. Ask for a steak at a restaurant and we hope you’ve looked at the price first. A heart attack at the table is bad for business. At a dinner for an executive board recently, we were expecting the normal $22 for prime rib – it was $40 this time. We all ate fish instead and even that wasn’t cheap. A basket of groceries that we used to buy for about $120 now costs us $166.

Government officials like Pete Buttigieg and Alejandro Mayorkas are in WAY over their heads. Buttigieg, the so-called Transportation Secretary, told reporters that the supply chain crisis would last at least to summer of 2022. Mayorkas is waffling about reinstating the Trump policy for migrants to stay in Mexico. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen isn’t doing any of us any favors as huge spending bills are being touted as “good” for the country.

And so the list of cascading crises marches on. At least you know that those empty shelves in the grocery store have a cause, be it manufactured or not.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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