Carpedonktum – Creator of Madman Maestro vs CNN Climbing to the Top of Meme wars

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Carpedonktum is a meme/video meme maker. In the latest CNN meme war, he made it to one of the finalists in the Conservative Treehouse/PolitOpinion CNN Meme War contest. As meme makers go…his sarcastic sense of humor is a cut above the rest.

As for the sarcasm, he remarked,  “I get that from my mom. Sarcasm is my favorite.”

Has he had formal training? No. He’s self-taught and doing great.

The Madman Maestro vs CNN – You can vote at the contest link. The voting shuts down on August 16, next Wednesday.

@Carpedonktum, er…’seize the donkey,’ has been making memes for about 10 years. He told us that he leans a “tad bit to the right.” We could’ve guessed.

That’s good because leftists don’t seem to have any sense of humor at all.

“Who doesn’t like Bugs? That and how perfectly it lended itself to the Trump metaphor.” Carpedonktum

He has been making regular memes for a while, but only started making the video type this year. His first video he said limited his audience too much. It was a pro-Trump piece called “Strawman GO.”

“I think the problem with the video was that it was from the perspective of a Liberal SJW and that confused people to whether it was pro Trump or anti… it was definitely meant to be pro Trump.”

We knew from the disclaimer at the end the it was pro-Trump. He has since improved his craft exponentially. You can find it on YouTube.

@Carpedonktum told us he had made memes of inside jokes with “gamers, Yahoo games players, World of Warcraft guild members.” The only time he did videos were for his guild on World of Warcraft. He told us he made “lots of little memes for the discussion boards of Yahoo Spades” back in the 2000’s.

Whatever he’s done in the past, his present looks bright. His ability to see a cartoon or portion of a movie and relate it to politics or whatever else is happening gives him an edge. Well done, @carpedonktum. And we really hope one day you’ll seize that donkey for us all.
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Faye Higbee

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