Candidate Inslee wants to end filibuster rule, Electoral College

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, one of a growing field of Democrats seeking his party’s nomination for president in 2020 as a “climate change” candidate, told CBS News that “it’s time for us to have democracy again.”

The United States has never been a straight democracy, however. It is a constitutional Republic.


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is running for president on a “climate change” platform. (Screen snip, YouTube, CNN)

According to, “A Constitutional Republic is the current form of government in the United States, which the founding fathers did not intend to be a democracy.” In a Constitutional Republic, elected representatives “must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over citizens.”

That might be especially significant today, April 19, because on this date in 1775, British regulars marched on the villages of Lexington and Concord to seize the arms of the citizen militia. History does not record who fired the first shot that morning, but the aftermath was a revolution and the birth of a new nation.

What is known is that those colonials had had enough. Taxation without representation. Government demagoguery that bred tyranny under the Crown. Quartering of soldiers in private homes. And the attempt to disarm the citizens.

By sundown that long ago April 19, the British realized they were up against more than a mob. Their rule had collided with the concept of liberty, and liberty won.

The Founders who crafted the U.S. Constitution clearly knew what they were doing. In addition to the Bill of Rights, for which the Second Amendment serves as a cornerstone and insurance policy against government tyranny, those “old, dead white guys” set the foundation for a nation of laws that has survived a bloody Civil War and stepped forward to save the world in two major wars.

The Electoral College was no small achievement, yet Inslee told CBS, “I believe that it’s time to have popular elections so the people’s vote decides who the president is, rather than the electoral college. I think the electoral college needs to go.”

If one looks at social media in the wake of that statement, several of Inslee’s fellow Washington citizens think it is he who needs to go, and not to the White House.

By the same token, if one were to read the essay in Townhall by Wayne Allyn Root earlier this week regarding the college admissions cheating scandal, Inslee just might be asked to take other Democrats with him.

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Root seems to believe the Democratic party has essentially lost its mind, if not its collective soul. He accuses Democrats of inviting illegal immigration, protecting illegal aliens from arrest and prosecution, and allowing them to drain the nation’s financial resources. In the process, he wrote, “The biggest scam in America is the Democratic Party. Its platform is based on legalizing cheating. I have no idea why anyone in America should obey the law anymore. Just ignore any law you think is unfair — just like Democrats do.”

Inslee may have created a tempest in his own state, and that might partially explain why, in a field of at least 15 candidates, he seems to be running last. Whatever momentum he may have could take another hit next week if reports are correct that former Vice President Joe Biden will be joining the race. He’s going to get the headlines, not the governor of the smallest Mainland western state whose message translates to more taxes, an idea that was as unpopular in April 1775 as it is today.


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