Canadian Court Channels Chinese Communists, Orders Pastor Artur Pawlowski To Condemn Himself (Video)

Think it ‘could never happen here’? Don’t kid yourself. There was a time Australians and Canadians would have told themselves the same thing.

But we’re now watching as the freedoms that both of those countries have taken for granted are evaporating in real-time.

We had previously reported that as soon as Pastor Artur Pawlowski came back to Canada from the American speaking tour prompted by the viral video in which he chased the COVID ‘gestapo’ away when they tried to disrupt his church service.

He has faced his court hearing. The supposedly conservative government wanted to see him thrown in jail, but the Judge didn’t want to make a ‘martyr’ of him.

(That judge made a serious miscalculation, considering ‘martyr’ is a greek word that meant first ‘witness’ and only came to be associated with suffering when Christians were persecuted for being witnesses to the truth of the Risen Christ.)

Here’s Canada’s Ezra Levant — from Rebel News — explaining the judge’s ridiculous restrictions and how they violate his rights as a citizen, contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Moments ago, the judge enforcing Alberta’s pandemic lockdown laws sentenced Pastor Artur Pawlowski. His crime? No crime — he simply opened his church during the lockdown.

In a bizarre, 40-minute rant, Justice Adam Germain ordered that for the next 18 months, whenever Pastor Artur talks about lockdowns, the pandemic or vaccines — in tweets, in speeches, in media interviews — he must immediately repudiate himself, and give the “official” government view condemning himself.

He must argue against himself. He must condemn himself. Or go back to jail.

Also, both Pastor Artur and his brother face tens of thousands of dollars in fines… for meeting to worship in their church with their congregation.

Back in the Cold War, there were countless variations of the old joke where some East German Stasi would say with a comical accent ‘vee hav vays to MAKE you talk‘.

Now it’s not a joke. On our own side of the Atlantic, we now have a judges’ mandate for a citizen to recite the government’s criticism of his opinion any time he raises his voice in public … or else.

Who does this sound like?

This sounds exactly like China’s CCP hounding Christians who don’t want to embrace the party line in China.

While this power-grab is happening here, churches in China are facing a similar order to utter words they don’t believe because the government told them to … or face the consequences.

In China, the ultimatum Christian churches have been facing is to incorporate the Communist propaganda Xi gave in his July 1 speech into their sermons, their lessons, and their Bible Studies.

Why is that a problem? Simple: Communism is explicitly materialistic and dismisses all religious belief as superstition. Xi is putting Chinese believers in the same place the early Christians in Rome found themselves in — bow the knee to Caesar, or pay the price.

CCP To Chinese Churches: Teach Xi’s Speeches Or Get Shut Down

But hey… it’s just a mask right?

Sure. And it’s just a couple of weeks. You know… just until we can slow the spread so that hospitals aren’t overwhelmed.

It didn’t take long at all for government flunkies to take that power we so willingly gave them and turn it to some truly horrible uses, did it?

When one man resists, they can make an example of him. But they can’t make examples of everybody.

If you don’t think the authoritarian left daydreams about finding a way to reproduce those results in America, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

It’s no secret that people are cowering with fear these days. But those of us with faith know that living your life in fear is crap. Let’s get that message out there.

We’re living in a time where fear is running rampant and unchecked.

It seems like most public policy is based on fear these days, especially when it comes to the Wuhan Virus.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

It seems that a LOT of people have completely forgotten that message.

Let’s give them a reminder…

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