Can You Guess Which Drug Malia Obama is On in This Video? [VIDEO]

Footage later captured Malia writhing and rolling on the grass as she danced to the music 

With her first year at Harvard mere weeks away, Malia Obama is attending Lollapalooza for the second year in a row.  You might remember last year’s festivities where Malia showed off her red panties and later was spotted smoking a joint.This year she must be doing something stronger as she flops around on the ground in what may be a dance or a seizure.  I’m not sure which.

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This year, she appears to be more energetic.  She is seen rolling around on the ground during a concert by The Killers.  I was not able to confirm that this is a Hillary-sponsored band and unfortunately, Seth Rich is not here to answer that question but I’m assuming they are not Hillary’s because if they were it would be a conservative rolling around on the ground, attempting to stop the bleeding from their attempted suicide where they shot themselves in the back of the head 11 times.

Malia Obama was caught on video letting her hair down and dancing up a storm while the killers performed at the Lollapalooza music festival in ChicagoThe former First Daughter was headbanging to the Las Vegas band over the weekend

Malia’s friend throws herself to the ground while Obama’s daughter jokingly pretends to play the drums, matching her moves with the music.

She then helps her friend up before they turn to watch the rest of the show, but the party was far from over.

Footage later captured Malia taking her turn to writhe and roll on the grass, thrashing around before headbanging and pounding the ground during a guitar riff. 

Malia and her friends reportedly spent most of their time backstage during The Killers set, before going to the grassy area to dance. 

Social media has been quick to defend the teenager for letting loose and having fun with her friends. 

it is my belief that she is suffering from the same illness as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters, known as DNC.  DNC stands for Donkey Nuts Compound.  You catch by filling out a Democratic voter registration form and no antibiotic has been found that can immunize someone for this terrible disease.  Symptons include an overwhelming desire to murder an innocent baby, burning the American flag and compels them to aid terrorists.  Next year I plan on organizing a telethon to aid these poor miserable souls.


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