Campaign sign vandals caught on camera in WA

At least three incidents of deliberate campaign sign vandalism or theft were recently captured on hidden camera in Washington State, underscoring the war that is being waged by self-appointed social justice warriors against political candidates with whom they disagree, typically with conservative candidates on the receiving end.


Caught on camera, a campaign sign thief at work in Washington state. (Screen snip, YouTube, Glen Morgan)

Caught on camera in Bellevue, Wash., there is an effort to identify at least three vandals who either knocked down campaign signs for Republicans and one moderate Democrat, or took the signs away. As noted by Glen Morgan at We The Governed, this sort of thing is illegal under Washington statute, and it carries penalties.

This is not the first time someone has been caught in the act vandalizing or stealing campaign signs. It has happened all over the country, including one incident four years ago during the hotly contested “dueling initiatives” campaign in which one Bellevue woman was tracked down after stealing signs promoting the ill-fated Initiative 591, supported by gun rights advocate Alan Gottlieb and the Protect Our Gun Rights organization.

Signs that were removed were for 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Dino Rossi, state legislative candidates Rodney Tom and Tim Cruikshank and GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Susan Hutchison, the latter who is challenging liberal Democrat incumbent Maria Cantwell.

This sort of thing used to be dismissed as childish political hijinks, but in this age of sometimes violent protests against Republican candidates, where one side appears determined to silence the other, even stealing or knocking down yard signs takes on a more sinister intent.

There have been cases across the country involving such vandalism, even committed by one candidate against a competitor’s signs. Some turned out to be funny, but others were of a serious nature.

Morgan wrote in his blog that “it is always amazing how many mature adults behave this way.” He also promised that once the culprits are identified, he will share those identities publicly.

Politics can bring out the best or worst in people, and when the subject narrows to individual races, it is often the worst that emerges. And sometimes, that gets caught on video.

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