“This is the Calm Before the Storm” – President’s Cryptic Remark

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Last night, October 5, 2017, the President and First Lady had dinner with top US military leaders and their families. He made a cryptic remark that has rumors flying: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. It could be the calm… before… the storm.” President Trump

A reporter hopped on that immediately and asked, “Is it Iran, ISIS, what’s the storm?”

“We have the world’s great military leaders in this room tonight, I’ll tell you that. And we’re gonna have a great evening.Thank you all for coming…You’ll find out,” was his response.

Here is his verbatim remark:

Queue the freak out.

Could it be foreign policy? According to Fox News, rumors are rampant that the President plans to decertify the Iran Nuclear Deal from 2015 on Tuesday, which would give Congress a 60 day window to respond with new sanctions.

Such a move will almost certainly increase the already high tensions between Iran and the United States. Is that the storm?

“The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos across the Middle East…That is why we must put an end to Iran’s continued aggression and nuclear ambitions. You will be hearing about Iran very shortly.” President Trump

Is it military action against North Korea? Nobody knows but Donald Trump, and perhaps the military leaders in the room.

After constant civil unrest, three major hurricanes, the possibility of a tropical storm (Nate), the worst shooting in American history, the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, upheaval in his cabinet, Iran and North Korea…this President has faced it all. But could the remark have simply been a flair for the dramatic? Probably not. He does, however, love to drive the media nuts. And it appears that he has done just that with his statement.

Every major news media and even some not so major had speculation about what he meant.

If he was trying to get a rise out of them, he succeeded in spades.

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