California High School Student Arrested for Shooting Plot- How We Got Here

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California High School is in San Ramon, CA. On April 19, San Ramon police arrested a student who planned a Columbine-style attack on his high school. He even called his plan “Columbine 2.0.”

According to the East Bay Times,

The boy, referred to in court documents as “John Doe” because he’s a juvenile, planned to use the same guns as those in the Columbine High School shooting and carry out his plot on April 20, 2021, exactly 22 years after that notorious Colorado massacre. He also planned to build bombs and tried to recruit a friend, according to police. He allegedly called the plan “Columbine 2.0.”

During a search of Doe’s home, police seized a tactical vest, camouflage helmet, and a toy shotgun, as well as handwritten notes and digital data, according to court records.

Police said they became aware of the plot when the student whom John Doe tried to recruit told a school resource officer about it. 

The student had allegedly been engaging in online discussions with supporters of the Columbine massacre. He recruited a friend to help him, but that friend went to the school resource officer instead. He had a “toy shotgun,” whatever that means.  What his access to real one might have been we don’t know. The boy, who is currently a Freshman at California High School, had planned his attack three years out. The Columbine shooters reportedly planned their attack for several years as well.

But how did we get here?

First, let’s look at the culture of America right now. Violence is shown as the answer to everything from slight offenses on up. This student said there are three kids he hates. His answer ? Blow up the school and kill people.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

While anti-gun activists have blamed the increase in school shootings on the weapons themselves, psychologists frequently cite “The Columbine Effect.”

The Washington Times reported that the 1999 Columbine massacre “gave rise to a fascination with the two teenage killers and mass shootings in general, spawning a social media subculture and inspiring dozens of disturbed young men to seek fame and vengeance by emulating their deadly heroes.”

Psychologist Peter Langman’s SchoolShooters.info website lists 33 U.S. mass shooters who have credited Columbine as an influence.

Langman said the narrative of the Columbine shooters having been bullied and ostracized has struck a cord and helped to build their following, The Washington Times reported.

“Columbine is perceived by many as an uprising of the oppressed,” he explained. “But that’s not how [Harris] was looking at the attack. He wrote about wanting to get rid of all the stupid, inferior people, but because of how it was portrayed in the media, about two bullied kids, that perception is still very much alive.”

The media is responsible for much of the “poor kid who was just bullied” attitudes. But responsibility for personal actions is never cited. Recently a new video game called “Active Shooter” was set to be released this month until the distributor realized it was actually created by a Russian troll who was “abusive” towards customers, so they pulled the game from the shelves just prior to release.

They missed the point. There are hundreds of video games just like it out there that have captured the imaginations of marginal kids and adults. It’s not about the creators of the games any more than it being about the tool used to commit mass killings. It’s the MINDSET. It’s the desire for vengeance, retribution, hate…all of it works together to create people who don’t care one bit about others. One small slight is perceived to be worthy of death.

The mind can be a deadly thing, when it believes wrongly, it can kill.

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