California Exodus – Housing Costs, Gun Control, Now Water Control

According to a recent survey, at least 46% of Bay Area residents are thinking of relocating in the next few years. Those surveyed said it was exclusively because of the high housing costs, everything from owning to renting. It’s not likely the only reason people want to bail, it just happens to be the one the study focused on. But liberal-run California has numerous issues, not the least of which is the constant effort for gun control and now even water control.

High cost of housing

As people scramble to leave the Bay area, the economy of the region could tank. They can live in other regions of California where the costs are lower, but then it will ultimately drive up costs in those areas.

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california exodus

Mercury News reported,

When asked to pinpoint the most important problem facing the Bay Area, 42 percent of those surveyed said housing — a dramatic jump from 28 percent last year. Meanwhile, 18 percent said traffic and congestion, 14 percent cited poverty and homelessness, and 12 percent said the cost of living.

Those problems spell serious disillusionment for Bay Area residents. Fifty-five percent of residents polled said they feel the Bay Area has “gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track,” compared to 42 percent last year.

“It’s so expensive,” said 38-year-old software engineer Travis Dobbs, who moved his family from Berkeley to Portland last year. “My wife and I both make good money, relatively speaking, and we can’t afford a house there.”

Gun Control

According to Breitbart, Cali lawmakers are pushing a one-gun a month limit on residents, plus changing the law to not allow 18-20 year olds to puchase firearms. Emphasis on the word “control.”

Then there’s this gem:

“State Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-9) is pushing for an expansion of the state’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders. Whereas the orders currently authorize the confiscation of firearms, Skinner would also have them authorize the confiscation of gun parts. And Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D-64) wants to close the “Ghost Gun Loophole” by regulating any parts that a prohibited person could use to build a gun at home…

California already has an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, a requirement that residents obtain a firearm safety certificate from the state before buying a gun, Gun Violence Restraining Orders, a “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permit issuance, a ban on campus carry, a prohibition against allowing teachers to be armed to shoot back, and various ammunition controls.

Water Control

California passed two bills that Governor Brown signed into law which mandate water use of only a specific amount per day. Even though the Governor declared an end to California’s 5 year drought last year, these new regulations are designed to protect the state from another one. And control how much water people can use.

LA Times reported,

Together, the two bills establish an indoor, per-person water use goal of 55 gallons per day until 2025. The limit decreases to 52.5 gallons until 2030 and 50 gallons beginning in 2030. It will be the responsibility of water agencies to work with users to meet the goals.

The laws will also mandate that the state create incentives for water suppliers to recycle water and require urban and agricultural water suppliers to set annual water budgets.

The Department of Water Resources and State Water Resources Control Board will hold hearings with outdoor water agencies and recommend standards that are more flexible, since these agencies have water plans that vary greatly depending on their size and location.

The State of California has major traffic problems, high prices, rigid gun control, and even water control. With the Sanctuary law in place, many communities have to fight to hold the line of the Constitution, as we have previously reported.

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