California Climate Change Hoax Now Buried Under 10-15 Feet of Snow

"Snow will be gone from California soon."

The California climate change narrative that claimed the state would soon have no snowfall was promptly buried under several feet of snow recently. Yosemite National Park received 15 FEET of snow and closed the park indefinitely. Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, other resorts towns received 10 feet of the white stuff that fell from Heaven as if to make a point of ruining the narrative of the eco-freaks who shriek that we’re all going to die unless we surrender our gas stoves. Or gas cars. Or airplanes. Residents did have to dig out of the mess, and sadly some even died as responders raced to rescue them and bring food and medicine to those stranded.

To be clear, Truckee, California and the Donner Pass area of the High Sierras nearly always get deep snow. But these other areas are not used to it. This time, some of the children who had never seen snow were out making their first snowmen. Other residents stood on top of the snow to shovel off their vehicles.

Screenshot of resident at Running Springs, CA via Fox News

Or had their doors or sliders blocked by snow.

Screenshot of resident at Lake Arrowhead whose slider was blocked by snow via Fox News
Screenshot of a door that was totally blocked by snow via National Park Service

Emergency services had to rescue some folks, as many roads became impassible, and climate guru Governor Newsom declared 13 counties disaster areas. That included some Southern California counties that rarely see snow at all…like Los Angeles, for example.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

We were not up north, but in Los Angeles where colorful trumpet vines drape across walls all through the winter and jackets normally might as well be fossils. But on Friday, snow had fallen on the Hollywood sign and dusted homes in the Hollywood Hills. On Saturday, hail was falling not all that far from the ocean so that my daughter got her first taste of the real thing.

Higher up, California children who had never seen snow were building their first snowmen.

“A ‘no snow’ California could come sooner than you think,” the Los Angeles Times warned in 2021. That fall, it reported that, “Tahoe ski resort opens early after massive snowstorm.”

Now it’s struggling to describe how “snow in L.A. feels like an amazing reprieve from climate change” and whining that, “California needs rain and snow — but can we handle this?” Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Mag

They’d better hope they can handle it, because if it melts too fast, it could get nasty. According to the LA Times, Mammoth Ski Resort is swamped with skiers and even extended its season. Some who pushed that “no more snow” narrative began whining that “Southern California roads are not used to that much snow.”

In other states, Arizona is enjoying a 200% above-average snowpack, which should help a water shortage. Salt Lake City, Utah had the snowiest day on record February 22. And then Lake Tahoe was under a blizzard warning with 5 feet of snow expected on top of what was already on the ground. A friend of this author recently returned from Nevada after fighting road closures and having to stay longer than planned because of the snow and people who have no idea how to drive in it.

To be blunt, the California climate change hoaxsters who claimed that soon there would be no snow in the state are now busily revamping their narrative so they can make some more money off the fools who believe “inconvenient truths” that are nothing but lies. With all the scrambling to “save the planet” from getting too hot, you’d think that by now someone would have awakened from their daymare. They won’t, it’s too much of a religion now, a lucrative story foisted upon us by people who can’t see the snowpack for the trees.



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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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