CAIR leader responds to GA Lawmaker’s bill, ignores their ties to Hamas

CAIR Leader responds to GA Lawmaker’s bill, ignores their ties to HamasShortly after proposing House Bill 3, by Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer, R- Woodbine that would have banned Muslim women from wear a burqa in public, Spencer withdrew his bill, sent a letter to the Exec. Dir. of the Georgia Chapter of CAIR, and in response, never acknowledged CAIR’s ties to Hamas in return.

When the bill was withdrawn, Spencer said, “This bill is simply a response to constituents that do have concerns of the rise of Islamic terrorism, and we in the State of Georgia do not want our laws used against us. Number one, you’re not a public safety risk by blocking and obstructing your vision while on the road, but also that you’re identifiable to law enforcement.”

Spencer reached out to Executive Director of the Georgia Chapter of CAIR, Edward Ahmed Mitchell, who complained about House Bill 3 and said:

As you are seemingly disappointed in me for introducing House Bill 3 and making truthful statements regarding radical Islam, I am as equally disappointed in your financial support to an unsavory organization (Council on American Islamic Relations-CAIR) which has been labeled a terrorist organization by the government of the United Arab Emirates. Also, your money will be supporting an organization (CAIR) with known ties to HAMAS, a terrorist organization listed by the U.S. Department of State in 1997. It is a known fact that the U.S. Department of Justice named CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in a HAMAS terror funding case known as United States v Holy Land Foundation et al. Because of this demonstrated connection made by the U.S. Justice Department, the F.B.I. has cut ties with this very dangerous organization. In addition, you need to be aware that several CAIR organization leadership members have been convicted of several crimes related to terror jihad.

Also, a California CAIR chapter distributed a poster telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI. I think you get the picture.

Radical Islam is no religion. Radical Islam is a political ideology masked as a religion. The next time another radical jihadist perpetrates a terrorist act upon Americans, I hope you will consider that your financial support for dishonest organizations like CAIR only perpetuates the problem and could possibly be an act that “knowingly provides material support” for known terrorist organizations. Therefore, your ‘material support’ could be construed as a treasonous act. A copy of your enclosed receipt showing your financial support is certainly not a badge of honor. What a burden it would be to know you provided material support for organizations who have been implicated in funding terrorist organizations that could perpetrate grisly attacks on Americans. How could you sleep at night?

As for House Bill 3, this bill was withdrawn because many people, like you, misunderstood the legislation. The current Georgia law does not specifically requires photo identification on the driver’s license to be clear of any facial obstructions, only a regulation exists which is contradictory. Policy should be set by the state legislature, not the executive branch. This is a legitimate public safety issue and HB 3 sought to make this clarification. Also, the bill would not allow any person to wear a mask or other concealment on their face on the public ways, which is current law. The amendment made in HB 3 would only clarify that public ways would be considered road ways. Furthermore, the bill would have been applied equally to everyone as all laws must do.

Finally, the current anti-masking statute has been upheld in the Georgia Supreme Court to be narrowly interpreted that an individual cannot conceal their faces when inciting violence or about to engage in the incitement of violence (see State v Miller, 1990). Therefore, if masked terrorist where to perpetuate an act of violence, they would be in violation of the current statute and the amendments made in HB 3. After all, a lack of imagination is one of the reasons that contributed to the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on America. Radical Islamists have already used concealment tactics in other countries using Islamic garb compelled by Sharia law. What makes you think jihadists will not employ the same tactics here and hide behind the First Amendment?

A burqa clad Somali woman has already tried to attack a citizen in Lawrenceville, Georgia. These radical Muslims will hide behind the parts of the First Amendment to perpetuate acts of terrorism, just as the KKK tried to do. This is unacceptable.

Like most who opposed House Bill 3, they still remain ignorant of what the bill was trying to accomplish. I intend to bring a similar bill in the future when the time is right. Unfortunately, more individuals will have to die at the hands of radical jihadists, for which you have shamefully given financial support, in order for this legislation to be reconsidered. The enemies of America are patient, but so am I.

Mitchell posted his response on-line, no personal reply to Spencer, and never mentions anything about CAIR’s connection to Hamas.

Is America headed for a recession?

Other than complaining about everything, Mitchell in-part stated, “Your criticism of CAIR Georgia also resembles an old smear tactic used during the Civil Rights Movement. Just as racists sought to undermine African-American civil rights groups like the NAACP by accusing them of ties to communism, anti-Muslim bigots now seek to marginalize American Muslim civil rights groups like CAIR by accusing us of ties to terrorism.”

Incidentally, the state’s anti-masking statute, which the new bill would amend for Georgia’s security and welfare for all of the state’s citizens, was first passed decades ago to target the Ku Klux Klan and its white hoods, something Mitchell also ignored.

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