Cain: ‘Cancer centers opt out of ACA, including the one that saved my life’

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Cain: ‘Cancer centers opt out of ACA, including the one that saved my life’
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Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain revealed on Monday in an email alert that the cancer center that saved his life has opted out of taking Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) insured patients.

In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was treated at the M.D. Anderson in Houston, one of many centers that are now opting-out of accepting Obamacare-insured patients and Cain said that what is happening has hit him hard in a personal way.

“That hit home in a very personal way, because it made me realize something. If Obamacare had been in place in 2006, I would now be dead, “said Cain. “Let’s see if Harry Reid or Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post want to try to call me a liar for this.”

“Eight years ago this month, I was diagnosed with cancer. The first opinion I received was not encouraging…not at all… so I sought a second opinion, from a Savannah-based physician named Dr. Lord. He believed I could beat the cancer, and at his direction, I sought treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston,” Cain said.

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“Today, I am cancer-free. But, now let’s say I had been relying on an Obamacare insurance policy, which would mandate that all my treatment take place within its own network,” said Cain. “In that case, despite Dr. Lord’s recommendation, I would not have had the freedom to go to M.D. Anderson. And if that had happened, my friends, I would now be dead.”

“Before Democrats messed with the market by passing Obamacare, these cancer centers had no problem accepting the majority of insurance. Now they want no part of it. What’s the variable? Obamacare. What caused the problem? It’s Obamacare.”

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