Burger King to cater to Muslims in France, dump bacon for halal beef, chicken

Burger_king_whopperIf you intend to visit France sometime in the future, don’t expect to get a Whopper made “your way.”

According to a post at Christian Today, some French outlets of the U.S. fast food chain will remove pork and bacon products from its menu, replacing them with halal-certified beef and chicken.

So much for co-existence, tolerance and all that.

According to Christian Today:

Burger King is going after the 5-million strong Muslim consumers in France, the country with the biggest Muslim population in Europe, WND reported.

This came about after Burger King took over hamburger chain Quick’s 405 outlets in France, according to The Local and Le Parisien.

With its expansion, Burger King will directly compete with McDonald’s, which has 1,300 fast food outlets in France. The acquisition of Quick will make Burger King, which currently has 30 stores in France, the second largest fast food chain in the country.

The Quick chain already has about 20 stores that are halal and according to thelocal.fr, will keep about 40 stores under the original name and change the meat so it is entirely halal.

It’s one thing to accommodate those with dietary requirements, but it’s another to do so at the expense of everyone else.

Apparently, France hasn’t learned much after the most recent terror attack in Paris…

A post at the Political Insider added:

Remember when Burger King used to run ads saying you can have Whoppers anyway you want them? Apparently, that’s no longer the case, if your order happens to violate Islamic rules.

I certainly won’t be eating at Burger King anymore for lunch… Will you?

I really don’t care for Burger King anyway, and that mascot tends to creep me out, but this pretty much cements the deal.

Exit question: How long before this comes to the US?


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