Brookdale professor under investigation after profane attack on conservative student

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On Tuesday, Asbury Park Press and others reported that Howard Finkelstein, a sociology professor at Brookdale Community College, a public school in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is under investigation after a profane attack against a conservative student.

According to APP, student Christopher Lyle said he believes the teacher is targeting him for harassment because of his conservative views and support of President Donald Trump.

The situation came to a head last week during a discussion about sexual harassment, Austin Bogues and Susanne Cervenka reported.

In a video taken by another student, Finkelstein is seen slamming his hand on a desk, while telling Lyle to “f— your life.”

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“I’m getting bullied by a professor. I’m paying to learn something. I’m not getting that,” the 26-year-old student told New Jersey 101.5 after sharing the video.

“The goal of the class is to fight bias and fight prejudice but he is probably one of the most biased and prejudiced people,” Lyle added. “He has said that he does not like Christian men.”

“He’s been targeting mainly white men. I’m definitely his No. 1 target.”

The APP report indicates this treatment has been ongoing:

Lyle said he tried to address the issues privately with Finkelstein, then took his concerns to Finkelstein’s superiors. He said he did not get satisfactory responses from the college before the incident happened last week.

McMillon said the college’s first official complaint came after 9 p.m. on April 11, after the class. The dean overseeing the sociology department forwarded that email to the sociology department chairwoman the next morning, who contacted Lyle Monday.

Joey Smith, the student who filmed the incident, described Finkelstein’s behavior in a similar way as Lyle.

Smith reportedly said Finkelstein “spends most classes focusing his questions on Lyle — even when Lyle was not in the classroom.”

 “Chris is a part of his lesson plan,” he asserted. “He’ll ask Chris a question, then try to convince Chris in front of the class what is right and wrong.”

Finkelstein’s focus on Lyle was part of the reason he started recording the class, APP said.

“Smith said he doesn’t always agree with Lyle’s positions, but said Finkelstein’s attention on him adversely impacts other students,” APP added.

Finkelstein, Faye Higbee said at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, “has managed to alienate many of his students to the point that some have actually quit the class after a few months. Others feel that they are stuck there because of requirements and they aren’t happy about it. We spoke with a few of the students in this professor’s classes. One of them, Christopher Lyle, told us that he is being belittled and berated on a regular basis by Finkelstein. Christopher is a white male conservative -apparently something that Finkelstein hates. The class is required for Christopher’s History degree.”

Higbee added:

A student told us that on several occasions the professor has told students who disagreed with him to “Shut the f*** up” and demanded they sit in silence without saying anything at all.

At least two students told us that Finkelstein told a girl from Pakistan that her skin looked “soft” and asked her if there was any “tension” that she needed to relieve. Is that “sexual harassment?”

Joey Smith, a black student in the class, remarked to us that the class “discussions” all seem to be the same: “white privilege” is often the topic. He stated that Finkelstein used the “n” word 5 times over 2 classes, in an attempt to force him to comment. If someone fails to agree with a topic, the professor “wastes another 10-15 minutes.” He told us that he feels like he’s hasn’t learned anything in the class since it began. He said that anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in every class is wasted by the professor ragging on people he doesn’t like.

Higbee also said Finkelstein attacks veterans, baiting them with questions like, “So you’re murdering people?”

This professor is having a negative impact on veterans. He is supposed to be educating… And we need to take care of each other. I tell my fellow veterans that we need to use this as a life lesson, to move on and get help if they need it,” one veteran said, according to Higbee.

Worse yet, she said, the school administration was not helpful in any way…

“The professor and the Manager of Student Conduct and Compliance have violated every single rule that is laid out for students to obey. What about instructors and admin who do these things?” she said.

Good question.

Here’s video of the incident, provided by New Jersey 101.5:


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