Brits to join Italian-led force to battle ISIS in Libya

1st Paratroopers Carabinieri Regiment “Tuscania”.

For months there’s been talks about having talks regarding if talks are even needed. And then they talked some more. In the meantime, somewhere between 1-2 million North African and Middle Eastern migrants have streamed into Europe, often leaving riots and rapes in their wake.

Nearly three and a half months after the public was initially made aware that a multi-national European military force might actually deploy to the industrial-sized shredder of human flesh once known as Libya, the Europeans are finally making a concrete move to give ISIS the boot from the North African nation. As reported by the staff of Fox News on Apr. 15, 2016, and also by Larisa Brown of the London-based Daily Mail, both on Apr. 17, 2016, one of the high hats of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces is Rome-bound supposedly to finalize the wherefores and the whys of the British contingent.

Reportedly, Air Vice Marshal Edward Stringer, RAF, will be meeting with his Italian counterparts regarding his nation’s contribution of 1,000 troops to the Italian-led contingent slated for Libya. While the Daily Mail is quite up-front in stating the Italo-British force of 6,000 total would “defeat Islamic State (IS),” Fox News took a bit of a more nuanced report.

According to Fox News, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is curiously committing the entire military organization to Libya when he openly stated that NATO “is ‘ready to help’ fight militants in Libya if it wants military assistance.” Fox also cited that Stoltenberg did specify that “NATO isn’t planning a combat mission in Libya,” but if “requested” by the so-called Libyan government requests such, the European Task Force “is ready to disarm militia groups.”

Those familiar with the often doublespeak world of diplomacy, it’s clearly understood that the European-recognized government has already requested and authorized combat troops on Libyan soil for just such a contingency. It’s also understood by those in the know, that “disarm militia groups” is political-speak for killing Islamic jihadists.

Currently, Libya is a patchwork of various “governments” ranging from rival jihadist organizations, to warring tribes that have been killing each other for centuries, to feuding “Unity” governments seeking international recognition as the sole legitimate government. The Council of Deputies, popularly known as simply the Tobruk Government is supported and recognized by Egypt, the UAE, the United States and Great Britain. Whereas, the General National Congress, aka: the Tripoli Government is supported by hard core Islamic nations such as Qatar, Sudan and Turkey. Both the Tobruk Government and the Tripoli Government claim to represent the entire nation.

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